Rise Of Tomb Raider is the second game in the latest TR Reboot and a game that looks amazing.. well up till today that is as today Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft announced platform exclusivity for the whole game and not just DLC so this game will not be released on the PS4 nor other PlayStation consoles for now and by now i mean…well based on the usual Microsoft 6 months exclusive deals from the past..well.. lets hope we will see this game on the PS4 eventually.

A lot of people are mad at CD and Microsoft for this deal but i can understand it as Xbox One is selling horribly, PS4 has passed 10 million sold now and Xbone just passed a mere 6 million shifted to shops… hence sales are even lower.
Console exclusivity suxx people say but i think it is a doubled edged sword as platform exclusives sell units and creates hype but it does suck when 3rd party developers and publishers decide to take the chance on an exclusive deal which in the end might damage them but then again Microsoft has probably paid 30-40 million for this RISE OF TR deal.. odd game they went for tho, would have been less surprised if it had been GTA or COD really.

I totally loved the reboot last year, it ruled! and now i am a bit upset but at the same time, i am a bit “lol” as it just shows how weak Microsoft actually is… no studios, no games and no hardware and no users— ok some…

In the end, this deal might end up in a PS4 version or PC version for that matter but i fear i might skip it all together when i think of it as this whole deal gives me a sour taste in my mouth.

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3 thoughts on “BONEXD! – Rise Of Tomb Raider Gone Xbox Exclusive

  1. So now Eidos backed out of their exclusive deal with XboxOne… The 60 million USD that M$ put in has ended as a timed exclusive against the PS4 version.

    Eidos aim for 2 million sold on xbone and 4,5million for PS4. The PC version has not been mentioned yet but i am 100% sure it will come out and that the sales will be lower than both console versions..

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