I didn’t realize it before someone told me earlier today but this very blog finally passed 100 articles, a milestone for a blog i just started because of people asking me “Do you have that game? how many games do you own, what are you playing now?”.

This blog has grown from a mere 20 hits and 5 users a day to over 1000 different users and over 50.000 hits a month in overall (since the birth of the blog back in may 2012 (approx 11 months or so..), some articles have been extremely popular (Strip club one alone had over 40.000 hits in a few days!) so i guess i have hit the sweet spot a few times (and other times not… 100 hits on some…etc).

The future of the blog? , well i aim to get better and get some exclusive content but i have one problem and that is time to do more than just previews and minor articles, i like to spend my spare time on actually playing the games over “writing about them”.

New features out soon, i aim to put up updates of every new game i buy or get, i know a lot of you guys want such a thing as i do get a lot of games every month.

Thanks for visiting my blog and to keep my motivation up.

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4 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED! + 2?

  1. Were those “+2” related to the time I accidentally uploaded the same article 3 times in a row? It was the review of the Japanese version of “Ace Combat 3”, if I am not mistaken…

    1. Yes maybe, the numbering system and comments from the old blog died when i moved all the data sadly. So a bit difficult to track this down.

      I would have done things a bit different if i had known all i know today?

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