It’s finally here, My TOP 20 PSVR games list, about time? indeed…

I have to say that I hate doing lists like this but there are a lot of people out there who ask me about which game I can recommend to them.

I know this list will get a lot of people angry as always, but keep in mind this is an opinion piece, and that putting a number on titles is always hard, enjoy and feel free to comment…

Number 1 so far… Resident Evil 7.

Yup, this is number 1 for me still for many reasons, but the main reason is that I have never been so scared in a game before.

VR added so much to Resident Evil 7 that sometimes I was so scared that I really didn’t want to play it anymore. 

I was afraid of going down to the kitchen to eat, I looked over my shoulder everywhere, even in broad daylight, the longest session I have had in this game was about 8 hours long. I have yet to Platinum this game as I have held it back as I wanted to forget where the scares are so I can fully enjoy it again.

Number 2 so far… POLYBIUS.

It is not long since this Polybius came out, but it didn’t take many seconds for me to fall in love with it, total brilliance from the very first second.

The game is best described as a Tempest-styled game, vector style and a lot of flashing/strobe, and at an extremely high pace, the whole game feels like an acid trip actually.

My review of the game can be found here.

Number 3 so far… REZ Infinite.

REZ Infinite was my VR game of 2016, totally blew me away from the first second.

I am a little biased here though as I have always been a huge fan of this game on the Dreamcast and later on I bought it for the PS2 as well.

The game is a rail-shooter with a music theme that drives the game, a very colorful and extraordinary game that I cannot recommend enough.

The PS4 version has a brand new stage called Arena-X included too which basically are an evolved version of the engine.

Number 4 so far Mortal Blitz.

Mortal Blitz has to be one of the largest surprises this year, it can be best described as a Time Crisis type of game, rail shooter with very stylish cyberspace graphics.

This has to be one of the best games out there for PSVR at the moment, well, at least if you’re looking for a shooter that is fast, twitchy, and extremely fun without getting any motion sickness then this is perfect.

This ain’t an FPS game indeed, there is teleporting too but this is a one-spot-until-wave ends type of gameplay (like Time Crisis etc.) so it works great.

The only gripe I have with the game is the length of it, it will be over quickly for most gamers out there sadly but there is quite a lot of replay value with wonderful trophies and the difficulty levels that you unlock after game completion.

Add-on DLC will most likely happen in the future for this game. 

Number 5 so far… THE PLAYROOM VR.

Playroom VR isn’t a showcase title but it offers some awesome gameplay as well as some very interesting mechanics.

The game is the only game on the PSVR which have a party game feel to it, at least for kids and family alike.

The game has a very good system for its 2-player mechanic, 1 player with the VR set, and 1 player on the TV, it works tremendously good and my son + girlfriend love it.

The best thing about the game is that it is FREE and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Number 6 so far… FARPOINT.

Farpoint is one of those games that got average reviews but the gamers out there loved it.

I have to say that I really liked the game for what it is – The first fully-fledged FPS game on PSVR, a proper shooter.

The game has wonderful graphics together with a pretty good story, that said the game mechanics are a bit dated and if it had not been a VR title then I would probably give it a much lower ranking.

I have to say that the game gave me a quite good feeling and maybe most of all a rewarding one, I wanted to progress in the game and see what was next, every time I got near the end I wanted it to last longer and yes some parts of the game wasn’t optimal but still far from bland!.

The game got pretty good replay value due to online CO-OP and such, while not being super awesome or anything it still works great and is one that every PSVR owner out there needs to try.

The game was the first one to use an addon gun that made the game much better than playing with the Dual Shock controller, that said i actually preferred the Dual Shock as I like sitting down while playing games (some gamers have reported to me that the game is fully playable while sitting down… we shall see).

Number 7 so far… Until Dawn RUSH OF BLOOD.

This is the only good rollercoaster-styled game on the PS VR so far, yes it is a rail shooter but it works so good and it has some pretty good jump scares in it that it actually impresses most people who have tried it here.

The graphics are pretty good and the gameplay never bores you, the feel of riding a rollercoaster actually works and the game is pretty scary too.

This was the most played launch title for me, always loved these kinds of games and it was low on motion sickness so it was a perfect fit

Number 8 so far… Dirt Rally.

This game got its VR support through an update, you got one of the best VR experiences for less than 10 GBP if you had the game already, a new retail version came at the same time as the update which included the VR update for free.

Dirt Rally is the best VR driving game out on any format, the PS VR version is clearly downgraded and at first, you will most likely react to things like that the mirror shows less detail and that the car is actually chopped in half.

The game is blistering fast, especially in the later stages.  It is extremely hard at times and I can safely say that this is one heck of a stress ride, sweating like a pig while playing is a given here.

Everyone who has tried the game here fell in love with the game instantly, some screamed louder than others, and most ended the sessions with OMG, WOW, THAT WAS INSANE, and so on.

Number 9 so far… BATTLEZONE.

Battlezone has to be one of the most downplayed games for the PSVR, I mean, I never heard much about it yet it was one of the best launch games last year. 

Battlezone is nothing less than a stellar fanservice of an old 80’s coin-op game, think TRON and think again about how it would be in VR without the Cycles, this game is loaded with style and a very good singleplayer part, as well as a quite active online community too.

The game oozes quality and style and is one that I will play a lot of in the future too.

One thing though, I would love it if you could aim more with the head and not have to use the right stick…

Number 10 so far… STARBLOOD ARENA.

Starblood Arena has to be one of the best games in a long time that launched at a very bad time, it launched just before easter 2017. The game is pretty much an online-only game and it was a given that the game had a proper online component, sadly the online failed big time the next week after launch and destroyed sales of the game for sure.

Really sad that such a fantastic game had such a rough start, it should have been released a week before or a week after Easter as games like these that rely on online working need the developers and service people at work to help fix the problems.

Anyways, the game boasts a really good 360 view shooter quite similar to the old classic Descent and such, the framerate and graphics are top notches, and while the game is bound to make most sick due to hectic speeds and what not is easily overcome by a lot of VR training in this and other games.

This game would probably be higher on the list if it had been released at a better time with less problematic online servers, that said, now that everything works I must say that this is one of the best games for VR for sure.

A proper showcase title for VR-keen people out there, the game shows how 2nd generation VR looks on PSVR (absolutely stunning!).

Number 11 so far… EVE VALKYRIE.

EVE VALKYRIE was the first game I tried in co-op play, based on feedback and reports on various forums i expected to get very sick while playing this, the occasional feeling of no control and a wee bit of motion sickness did hit me. The motion sickness went away after a few days when i figured out i had to train myself to tolerate VR better.

The graphics, the intensity, and the incredibly fun gameplay had me hooked for weeks, at one point this was my “best VR” game, sadly this changed when other players started to literally sabotage the fun with various “cheating” and boosting.

I will return to this game soon, I just need some co-op partners that I can work closely with.

Number 12 so far… RIGS.

RIGS was always one of the reasons why I looked forward to VR, previews looked amazing and everything just sounded perfect.

It didn’t take long before I felt how my intestines wanted to explode out of my body, yes the opening of every match starts with a super cool jump effect that blows my mind more or less every time, one needs to get used to VR before one jump into this one for sure.

The actual matches are frantic, hectic, super speedy, and as close to chaos as you can get, I have to say that this feels a lot like Unreal Tournament at first, a very exhausting game when the action starts.

The gameplay relies a lot on the player being used to both VR and controlling the mech thingy, most of the time you will be killed because you forget to move and turn at the same time, a lot of things can go wrong in this game, but oh boy does it work wonders when you get into it.

Number 13 so far… Super Stardust Ultra VR.

Super Stardust Ultra VR has to be one of the best games to train you against motion sickness and such, this game was my “cure” and when I figured out that if I start every VR session with a couple of minutes or even hours in this game then I could jump to the heavy titles without any problems at all.

This is where most people go wrong though, a lot of people just jump straight to the so-called VR mode which has to be one of the worst things to play if you get motion sickness in other games.

The only mode that you should play (at first anyway) is the normal version albeit in VR, it is the static 2D in VR mode, an asteroid clone/variation that works tremendously good within your VR. 

Warming up with this game is a must for most gamers out there, even those of you who don’t get sick.

Number 14 so far… Robinson – The Journey.

Robinson got a lot of hate it seems, people expected a shoot em up and got a dinosaur tour instead, the game may be short for some but I have to say that the feeling I got while playing this game is one of the best ones I have ever had in gaming.

The graphics are wonderful, the sound and controls work wonders too, and the actual gameplay is very slow but once you realize how it works you will most likely start to enjoy it more.

I have to admit that I expected more of the game, I did expect some action too, but not a game-breaker at all.

A sequel or something similar but with action would probably make it one of the best games out there.

Number 15 so far… Eagle Flight.

Eagle Flight is one of those games that people forget to mention all the time, it is a wonderful game with a lot of levels and the online part is even cross-platform too.

The reason why this game isn’t higher on the list is easy, the controls stressed out my neck totally, so much that I had to take a lot of breaks while playing the more difficult levels in the game, I was already bad in my neck before i got VR and i can safely say that this game didn’t make it better.

The game is very fun for the first levels, but if you want to complete the game then you should prepare yourself for a very tough ride.

The thing I miss the most in this game is proper DualShock controls, it would work much better if you ask me, that said I did complete the game and played a lot of online without it but still…

Number 16 so far… Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Star Trek Bridge Crew is one of those games that is hard for me to write about, I have spent a few hours in it so far and I honestly have no bloody idea what the whole deal is with the game, yes it is fun – especially in multiplayer. But there is something with it that I struggle to see, I have yet to see any real action and I have absolutely no idea what on earth I am supposed to do without endless cock-pitting (yes I made up this word now :D).

Warp speed and shooting stuff far far away aren’t exactly the action I expected if you know what I mean…

I can see where the fun and gameplay come into play and while I have yet to see much of it I must say that the graphics and style of the game are pretty good and clearly not a 1st generation title. 

Number 17 so far… World War Toons.

World War Toons is still in BETA form and only available in America, it is playable in Europe too if you have access to the US PSN and download it from there.

It is the very first VR FPS game on Playstation VR and while it is online only it still works very well, and with quite a few active players out there too.

Why this game isn’t more popular is beyond me, yes it may be a bit too sterile for COD players or whatever but once you get used to this one then you will most likely struggle to put it down.  

The controls may be a bit awkward at first but like most VR games, you will get used to it, and with, that I especially mean head & body movement.

Easy to play, hard to master.

Number 18 so far… I Expect You To Die.

I Expect You To Die.. what do you get if you put a timer on you with a crazy person telling you that you will die? exactly, you get totally stressed out and sometimes even total panic.

The game’s goal is to kill you and your mission is to escape the scenes it has set up for you, there are loads to do and not many hints to be seen so you basically have to think a bit (which isn’t easy always) and then try a lot (and fail) of things.

It works tremendously good actually, how such a simplistic game can work is beyond me really and I am not so sure if this would work as a standard TV version. 

A proper VR game and really good fun to play, a two-player option would have been awesome, one looking for clues on the TV and the guy with the VR set doing them and so on.

Number 19 so far… Pinball FX 2 VR.

Pinball FX 2 VR is basically Zen Pinball in VR, there are a few stages included in the game and you can buy additional tables if you want more of that.

The 3 tables that came with the game are quite good if not tables I am getting sick of as I had them in zen pinball on the PS3, Vita, and PS4.

The gameplay works well in VR, it feels real and very close to a proper pinball table, that said, maybe too close as my neck got really knackered after long sessions of me looking downwards all the time, not really moving around either so the headset and your head will stress your neck quite a bit over time.

There are ways to fool tracking here so that you can have the head in a more comfortable way, those aren’t optimal for the real experience though.

The game comes with the usual things like leaderboards, friends compare lists, and so on, and again they added that “amount of tables owned” stat in the leaderboards too, just to get people to buy more tables of course.

Number 20 so far… VR INVADERS.

VR INVADERS is one of those games that you feel like if you have played it before, an utter genius at times and hectic gameplay makes you literally scream for more.

This is a shooting gallery type of game and a much better one than Lethal which came out just before Xmas, where that failed this one nail it.

Graphics and sound are quite intensive and will most definitely push your concentration up a few levels and once you find that magic spot then the game will most likely make you feel very happy and rewarded although it is over quickly due to the length of the game.

This is a game that you most definitely can’t play much while sitting sadly and therefore not one that I will play all that much for various reasons.

There are some replay value and good trophies to get so it ain’t all bad.

And the runner-up so far… Thumper.

There is something about Thumper that I just love, but there is more to it that I hate and find totally frustrating.

The gameplay is basically a rail challenge where you have to change lanes, jump, use a shield, and so on, everything just works and is blisteringly fast and very colorful.

At one point this was my favorite game in VR, but that didn’t last very long due to the insane jump in difficulty and the crazy amount of combos/combinations one had to do while playing.

I love the speed, the art style, and the whole LSD trippy feel is nothing less than stellar, sadly this game is broken because of it getting too advanced and a game you just have to play all the time to get good in. 

Top 20+ isn’t bad at all, I still like it but I have to replay a lot of levels every now and then to figure out the controls again…

Thanks to RoarTJ for loaning me his skills to do this awesome feature picture.  

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20 thoughts on “Playstation VR – Top 20 VR Games

  1. I bought the VR on day one (also booked it the very same day it appeared on gamestop online store), yet I seldom use it. As usual these days, it’s only because I don’t have time.

    Having said that …. I agree on most of the stuff, and where I don’t I’m sure it is because I have to get back on my VR gears!

    Aside from RE7, that I still have to buy since I got scared by the demo (what a chicken I am….), I’m very intrigued by Robinson, Far Point and Bridge Crew, since I love space stuff.

    As for Valkirye …. I’m in!

    Great article !

  2. Various reasons why batman and driveclub ain’t on the list but yes driveclub is actually nr 22 if there had been such a list.
    Batman much further down as i see it only as an experience and not a game at all.

  3. Uuuuh.. RE7 Scary ?! Shame on you Toaks, not one game is scary anymore (well for me:))
    The last game that gave me those emotions (not VR tho and thank god) is Outlast,…RE series, Until Dawn, The Evil Within etc. etc. were just… boring atmos-fear

    1. hah!, RE7 was insane in VR and anyone who thinks otherwise haven’t tried it in VR 😉

      Outlast 1 and 2 was nothing but waste of time for me and i have no idea why people think they’re scary at all :O

      Oh and, RE games haven’t been scary for many many years, just action romps so i was very happy that it went FPS and with next to no weapons and a very gritty approach.

      The evil within … splatter , boring and i haven’t even finished it yet…

      until Dawn was pretty good for an story game, scary?, no not really.

      1. Hehe, well… i have played a few hours at a friend the VR version, nice jump scares but not a scary atmos-fear, but like with everything everybody have a different taste and emotions, for me Outlast had a continuous scary experiment/environment, seeing “just” gore in most games like i mentioned doesn’t do a thing to me, same here tho, The Evil Within was a “hype” to, played it a midday and was done with it, same with Until Dawn, maybe should give another try, but i agree the approach is god with RE7 no weapons, i am not a fan (and good) with FPS 🙂

        1. taste is hard to discuss ofcourse, this is why it is so fun 🙂
          as for Resi7 , there is a reason why PSVR and Resi7 sold out in Asia several times in a row, attach ratio for resi7 and PSVR is basically 1:1 and this is because it is one of the best horror games in a long long time.

          Last scary one for me (i mean really scary) was the Siren games for PS3 and PS2.

          Lots of horror games due this year for VR so i am really looking forward to seeing those… that said, nothing Japaneese in it so i am somewhat not all that hyped….so far.

          1. true yes 🙂 well maybe i must play it longer to when it on sale on PS Store, i always “wait” when there is a deal or a definitive / GOTY edition of horror survival games and open world games (love open world), Siren series i mist but heard about it, it reminds me of Fatal Frame (crimson butterfly i believe), that one i will never forget for sure lol

        2. Fatal frame is good but Siren is a true kult classic:)

          One of them Siren games is available on PS4 too now, ps2 version.. not tried it much yet but i amsure it is brilliant:)

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