With the recent release of Star Wars: Battlefront video game and the upcoming The Division and Uncharted 4, I finally found a good reason to buy a new set of earphones to better experience multiplayer sessions. Although it is a fact that I’m not a hardcore multiplayer guy, I always found the PS4 standard mono earpiece a little bit too inconsistent to play with.

Following the hype behind the new movie chapter (which ticket, by the way, I already bought), I decided to get me a pair of the new TurtleBeach 706619 headset, Star Wars Edition. Here is what I got…


The headset is heavily inspired by the likes and colours of the Rebel Alliance X-Wing Pilots, featuring a nice combination of grey and orange nuances, together with the Rebels’ emblem.
Although the material may seem cheap at the touch, it is my opinion this is a pretty resistant and very lightweight product, perfect for extended multiplayer sessions. The microphone is mounted on a detachable boom, this way making the headset suitable for many other uses. The wiring to the different devices, in fact, consists in a 3.5 standard stereo jack: this way you can directly connect it to your favourite PS4 controller, or to TVs, MP3s and the likes.


The sound fidelity is very high, and it can, of course, be adjusted via your PS4 X-Media bar settings. Unfortunately, despite what is clearly (and wrongly) stated on the vendor website, there is no separate Audio/Chat channel and there is no quick way to directly act on them (at least, I have not found one yet). My PS3 TurtleBeach set does sports independent rheostats, a very needed feature if you are a fan of frantic, massives and competitive multiplayer.


I have yet to test the headphones with Battlefront in itself but, independent audio channels aside, it looks like a very nice product that I’ll probably use for a long time.


Thank you for reading.

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