Well here we are again… Another unboxing… Can it really be 7 years since I did the PS4 unboxing, well it has and so much has changed in my life I’m happy to be here doing this as there were a few dark years were I thought … Well either way I am but let’s get on with it shall we…

Spent a fair old time in a socially distanced que waiting to pick this up…


I went for all digital version as I’m now mainly digital on all my platforms as that’s how I roll.

This box was bigger than I though and heavy for says there packaging is environmentally friendly but they still put a box inside a box lol


And the yet another box within that box lol


First wee box has the Dualsense  in it along with HDMI 2.1 cable, USB C cable and power lead and the all important Stand.


Dualsense is a wonder to behold and a nice weighty controller, feels heavier than my dualshock 4 too. I can’t vouch for the haptics as this is just an unboxing really. Will review it later maybe


Onto the box and the ps5 itself…Ps5digital7


Wow I love the look of the slim the disc version seems awkward but the digital is a thing of beauty. But as everyone else says, it’s big and by Eck it’s heavy.


Well tomorrow I’ll power it on and do some set up screen. But for tonight that’s all I got, I’m tired , I stood outside for 1h 30mins in a cue in a cold Scottish night. And now I’m exhausted and it’s time to sleep.

Hope you all enjoy this little unboxing.

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