I decided to loan goblin’s old logo from RANT 2.0 as it’s kinda related…well, it’s a Rant and i want to do something to the controller… kind of…. anyway over to the rant… OPEN WORLD GAMES/SANDBOX GAMES.

I hate Defiance now… what a crappy game, it has destroyed all my lusts for playing other games… i can’t let go of it, i love it to death and it’s so fun to play with friends yet so annoying because it steals all my game time by playing it and sometimes because of the insane updates for it…(yo Tindis and Jonsy (2 friends playing with me))

I MUST play Killzone mercenary and Rayman legends..and and and Metro and Painkiller and and and….. but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, game loading up is… Defiance.

Still on chapter 3…. why? ..well because i just love driving around doing useless stuff like fight off hordes of annoying aliens who won’t die unless you kill them with heavy guns and just when you manage to kill them (and get that XP and weapon upgrades)….they pop up again……….. I just have to kill them again just to get that XP and weapon upgrades (BECAUSE THEY’RE SO COOL AND POWERFULL)… AAAAAARGH!

Value for money, MMO, and games like this is certainly of great replayability/longevity but what’s up with them destroying your brains and tell you to not play other stuff ?, i have laughed at World Of Warcraft players many times, i will not do that again!.

1 week now until Grand Theft Auto 5, another Open World game, a game which people will run away in and hide until the next (in their mind) AAA title comes out..and in this case most likely Call Of Duty (BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (rant 4.0 ?), what about Diablo 3? will people buy only 2-3 games a year now? , FIFA, COD and 1 or 2 other titles every year?

Get the game guys…if you want to ruin your game time by playing a useless shooter which can be enjoyed by not doing anything meaningful… I HATE OPEN WORLD GAMES!.


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