Rant #9 – DLC Codes – Metal Gear Solid

So who do you trust the most?, Trains or planes? , both have a history of crashing but trainwrecks have always been used as a metaphor for something going really bad and often said when speaking of a person or a broken item and so on, OMG THAT D00D THERE’S A TOTAL TRAINWRECK!!!… umm..

DLC codes got off on rough start, huge companies decided to launch part of already finished games to the gamers out there and then do “day 1” DLC codes which you had to pay extra for course and they tried to lie to the gamers out there that the game wasn’t finished when the disc went to the press… lies, lies and more lies as hackers and magazine reviewers confirmed that the data was there already (on the disc) but it was deactivated and one had to have a code to enable it and that was the reason why the DLC code was like 1 Megabyte.
Time has passed since then and we are now well into the 6th year of DLC on the PlayStation and some stuff have indeed gone for the better but there’s still loads of “cheats” and bad marketing and the usual money milking whatnot for stuff that should be included without the need to pay more or by a special edition or LE or CE one…

Picture Above: Woooohooo, it’s finally here!, cheap DLC type of game but disc version have some included exclusive stuff and i had to get it and not the PSN version……

My god, i love Metal Gear Solid, the series is so well thought out that no matter how much they want to scam me i will buy it and i wish there would be like 100 versions out there to buy and yes i would have bought em all i guess as that’s how much i love Kojima and his Espionage series…
Picture Above: OMG IT’S A DLC CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so here’s the amazing thing that was included with the Disc game, exclusive it might be but you can’t use it as it has not been activated yet as this is a code you are supposed to use sometime in the future when you buy Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain, yes you heard me, you get a code for a game you do not know it will ever come out, just look at MGS 4, it was delayed for years , look at GT 5 or dare i say look at The Last Guardian…. imagine buying a game with exclusive codes for a game that may or may not come out?…
I can see the next Activision marketing campaign on their games, FREE CODE FOR CALL OF DUTY 12 included! or Electronic Arts who have Online Pass (yes i know they stopped for now with them) in FIFA 15 for FIFA 17 if you buy all their games!!!….
I might sound like i am going way out of line here but do you know what? , you might think it sounds crazy now but what about 2 years from now?
Picture Above: I bought the Blu-ray Disc version as it had exclusive stuff and these 2 codes are what i got… 1 for a game that does not exist yet and the other for a trailer which…tells you absolutely nothing new about The Phantom Pain…

The other code…. a trailer for the full MGS 5: Phantom Pain game, being a huge fan i just had to check it out right away and yes i do hate spoilers but i still just had to check it and guess what… it showed nothing new and the quality was also horrible, no antialiasing and the graphics look less than MGS4 but yes MGS4 looks amazing even today so…

So yes i bought the standard Ground Zeroes version, nothing fancy but it was marketed with stuff like “EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL INCLUDED” and so on… that cover is absolutely amazing so even though this is a rant about DLC i still want to say that i am happy i bought it anyway.

Now if only i could finish up Deus Ex and i could start playing this game!!!!! … Deus Ex feels like an MGS copy tho….. yes it does!…but with bad graphics AND EXCLUSIVE DLC!!!! maybe?…
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Sorry m8, I couldn’t resist adding some “rant art”!

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3 thoughts on “Rant #9 – DLC Codes – Metal Gear Solid

  1. As a matter of fact … we have’t been writing a good rant in a while …. are we getting too old for it? 😉

  2. I want to do one actually.. but i have been umm…trying to control myself 😀

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