I was puzzled when Rocksteady decided to pass the next installment of Batman (namely “Arkham Origins”) to WB Montreal…

I was puzzled when I saw that the game, albeit good, looked like “more of the same”…

I was puzzled to see there was no Batmobile in it…

I was puzzled to see that the game included a multiplayer campaign developed by Splash Damage, as a third-party developer…

I knew that the producer (the almighty Warner Bros.) always has the final word … yet, what got into them?

Why did RockSteady delve into the shadows? Now the puzzle has finally been revealed!

Now is the solution, coming at’cha next October on your PS4. The final part of RockSteady personal Batman trilogy …

New Batman

new enemies …

a HUGE Gotham City to explore…

… and, finally, the BATMOBILE!!


PS: A first DLC for Arkham Origins is about to come out next April. Get it on PSN.

NOTE: Pictures were taken from the net. The clip is the official Batmobile gameplay video.


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4 thoughts on “A Puzzle Revealed – Batman Arkham Knight

  1. Hello Rambo,

    we had troubles in the past with our server database and a lot of pictures got lost. “Thanks” to the Murphy’s Law, I personally suffered an hardware failure on my computer too, so I lost my back ups as well. I will try to fix this very soon.

    I hope to be able to start within this week end, but I cannot guarantee it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please check back again.


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