And so it finally happened. During the latest The Game Awards 2019, held on December 12, a few games were presented: some of them were next-gen exclusives. While Microsoft made us envy unveiling its exclusive Senua II for the XBox Series X, Gearbox Software (Borderlands, Brother in Arms) announced (as a producer) a PS5 exclusive title named Godfall and developed by Counterplay Games (Duelyst).

Little we know about this title at the moment, except that it will be an action-RPG (defined by the devs as a looter-slasher) where a group of Knights will have to prevent a mysterious apocalypse. Players will supposedly make good use of a huge arsenal of melee weapons and armor plates and, in order to fight the overwhelming enemies, they will have the chance to play alone or up to a party of three thanks to a hot-joint system that will enable player to enter a friend’s match with no waiting time. Also, a PvP system should allow for fierce matches against other players.

Counterplay Games stated that the decision to make this title a PS5 exclusive was bound to the fact that its hardware, based on an SSD device, allowed for almost zero-time loading period and for a superior level of details. Also, the new adaptative triggers of the DualShock 5 were taken into account to make the choice.

Godfall is due in a year from now, so stay tuned for more info. For the time being please enjoy the reveal trailer.

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