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Sprint Vector is one of those games that took me by storm when it was announced last year, the 80’s style trailer more or less screamed: “YOU NEED THIS!” and the whole idea of having a RollerBall video game in VR is a dream come true for me really.

I have finally played the game now and I have to say that the developer Survios (of RAW DATA fame) has managed to deliver a product that oozes style and quality in a way that we have never seen in a VR game before now. 

But let us start from the beginning…

The deal with Sprint Vector is that its a little bit of everything really, you jump, you skid, you race, you shoot and yes it relies heavily on Parkour too.

To learn all this you have to go through a really long and pretty tiresome tutorial, well it’s actually split into four parts which will learn you everything from Basic stuff to more advanced moves and power-ups and so on.

The tutorials are for the most part optional and not required, but due to the nature of the game means that if you want to know what the hell is going on then you more or less have to play the tutorials in the end, if you want to stand a chance that is.

There’s so much to learn that I felt overwhelmed by all the videos and test runs that you had to watch and learn, for the first 20 minutes of the tutorial my mind more or less screamed I WANT TO PLAY THE GOD DAMNED GAME NOW!.

I am glad that I took all the tutorials right away but I am not so sure if I want to recommend you guys to do the same (i suggest you go back to them after you have tried the game a bit more).

The fun starts as soon as you are done with the tutorials, it more or less explodes on the starting line with some insane track design and ” full-on straight into your face ” tempo that we haven’t seen in a VR game before. 

A few seconds into the race it all came to me, doing all those tutorials earlier on gave me nothing useful, all the controls and the things it learned me earlier just vanished into thin air as the game asked me to do it all at the same time now, and I wasn’t prepared for that,  I just stood in the middle of the room flapping my arms like never before, in full panic I might add.

Luckily, it didn’t take long before I started to master the controls and use what the game had learned me. 

The brilliant thing with Sprint Vector is the controls, you have to use your body quite a lot, well, head and hands (move controllers only) anyway.  Once you let the controls sink in is when you realize how intuitive they really are, everything will feel right eventually.

To gain speed you move your arms like if you were skiing, yes you have to repeatedly move your arms to gain speed and if you want to jump, well guess what? you have to do a physical movement for that too, same goes for swinging, climbing, flying (two hands in front of you ala Superman lets you fly/glide) and so on too.

Yes, you will sweat like a pig in Sprint Vector for sure, this game is a proper workout.

Sprint Vector is one of those games that make you feel like you pulled off something big when you get to the finish line, it’s so intense and crazy at times that being the last man to the finish line still feels like a win.

The thumping music, the myriad of ways to get through the track and the weapons helps to keep the game feeling fresh and fun.

Sprint Vector got both online and offline stuff, you got online leaderboards in all races to add more replay value.

I have not tried the 8 players online part yet but I have a feeling that this mode will be the one I play the most in the future, but I need to train and practice a lot more before I even consider trying the online section of the game.

I have worked my arse off in VR before, but never like this.

I have only tried the game for a few hours now and while I have not seen everything yet I can still say for sure that this game offers some of the best fun that I have ever had in a VR game. 

The tracks (supposedly 21 of them in total :O) are varied, the power-ups matters and the use of colours and style is nothing short of brilliant, a very polished game.

I never get nauseous while playing VR games anymore, and even in this crazy chaos of a game, I have yet to notice anything at all, dare I say that I think most won’t get sick either as the game just feels “right” due to all the body movement required from the player.

Here is the announcement trailer from last year, I guess you know now why I got so super hyped when I saw it back then.

Fantastic mix of style and music, this is what I call a good announcement trailer and guess what, it managed to live up to the hype it made too.

This is the launch trailer that came out this week, not as kick-ass good as the announcement one but still a good trailer and a proper way of telling everyone that this is a game every VR owner out there needs to try.

Sprint Vector is to VR what WipEout was to the PSone, a proper system seller and a game that everyone out there must give a go. The best way for me to describe the style and essence of this game is if I ask you to think of Mirrors Edge, Jet Set Radio, and Mario Kart mixed together in one game.

Sprint Vector is Neon, Elegance, chaos, and fun at the same time but most of all its one of the best workouts that I have ever had in my life. 


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3 thoughts on “Sprint Vector VR: Prepare To Sweat Like A Pig

  1. I feel like I have to try this one out to its full extent, or you will cancel my name from your friend list…. ^^
    Digital only or physical copy available?

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