Sony released a new PS3 model a few months back, one model was only 12GB and the other was 500GB, everyone went uH? 12GB?? games like ratchet and clank all4one are 14 GB big so 12 GB is useless.

Sony announced that the Superslim ps3’s had an optional hard drive slot so that one could add more than the retail versions had originally but unlike the older models this was an additional hard drive slot and that you had to buy a mounting bracket/hard drive tray to be able to use a traditional hard drive.

I didn’t know the mounting bracket was out already but, Mark a friend of mine popped in on the friendslist on my PS3 yesterday and told me he finally got hold of one and of course then i asked him to do some pictures of it.

He paid 6.99GBP for it but i (and him) have seen SONY post 20 GBP in various places on the interweb.

The hard drive mounting bracket looks very familiar to me, its somewhat of a mix of European Model 2 (40 and 80 GB) and slim model (any) and it looks like it still standard stuff to mount it but i will ask Mark to post here or send me some more info tonight.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, Mark took them last night and by the looks of things his lighting was a bit dark hehe.

I will also ask Mark for more info if you need to install new firmware and if you have to deactivate the onboard SSD drive thing or if this will work as an external drive with possibilities to use games and stuff unlike how a USB drive works on Playstation 3’s (as in, it doesn’t work at all).


I got an email from Mark now and he has some more info and by the looks of things, this hard drive add-on is just like the normal way when you add a “new” hard drive to a PS3.

You can not transfer data from a hard drive from another PS3 to this new PS3 without having to format the drive, so a backup has to be made if you want to keep the data. I would personally recommend you guys to use Playstation PLUS and the cloud save option and just redownload all the games etc as its much faster (750gb backup takes days…seriously).

The internal flash */SSD drive will be disabled when you connect the tray/HDD into the unit so a backup of the flash is recommended.

No firmware was/is required to use the tray/hard drive combo.

Back up any data on internal flash i.e save, as this will be disabled and will not be accessible, a message will come up when the PS3 is turned on for the first time after installation of hard drive and caddy.

Big thanks to Mark for letting me know of this tray and now i will get both a superslim and a hard drive bracket for sure.

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