The Dizzy series, a series that all of a sudden disappeared when the next gen consoles came out.  By next gen i mean the PlayStation 1, Saturn and N64 and as far as i know the last Dizzy release was on the CD32 and that was the Dizzy Compilation “Big Six”.

DSC_0292The Developers of the Dizzy series was the famous “Oliver Twins” who set quite a foundation into the Platforming and Puzzle Adventure genre for years to come. Many thought of the DIzzy series to be the first proper game of it’s kind, that might be so but i can’t confirm that anymore since i am getting old and really can’t remember all that much gaming history before the C64 heydays.


The main series of Dizzy reached 9 games before its endeavor ended abruptly and while the Oliver Twins left the development team early on a new studio rose up and managed to hold the fort for quite a few more releases.


Big Red Software was the team that rescued Dizzy and did much good although they did a few spin-offs which didn’t actually set the world aflame.

Fast Food, Kwix Snacks, and Bubble Dizzy spring to mind here.

DSC_0304I used to own quite a few of the games on the C-64 too and not just on the Amiga.  Sadly i sold all of my C-64 stuff back in 2000 when i was moving to a new house. It Wasn’t Just my C-64 collection that went in 2000.  My PSone collection went from 800 or so to a mere 20. My Magazine collection went from Complete C-64 and Amiga CU series to 3 magazines.

DSC_0312it was a horrible year for my collection but it was a good year for my life. Many ask me what i think was the best Dizzy game and to me, it is quite hard since there are so many good ones but i have to hold a button at Prince Of Yolkfolk. By the time this game was out, i decided to return to the series and to my surprise, i managed to complete every single one in the main series.

DSC_0315I never got to see Dizzy on other formats than the Amiga and C-64 but i do know the first game made the Speccy owners really excited and it blew thousand upon thousands away.

Spectrum was English and same with the Oliver Twins so it was the perfect marketing match.

DSC_0317As many of you might have already noticed by now, yes i got several dupes in my collection and this is because of the box design and the actual releases.

I got the CD-32 “Big Six” too in my collection of CD games but as it’s a big box release this means it’s not unpacked yet. (still moving in here…)

DSC_0320Yes still moving in, lived here for 18 months now and still not organized the whole collection yet.  Too many games and i need a proper system so this takes time. There was a Dizzy Kickstarter a while back but it failed. Let’s hope someone picks it up at a later point.


Thanks for your time and i hope the article was a good read, catch ya all later.

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