I managed to find this box before it vanished from the shelf right before x-mas.

Lara Croft – Temple Of Osiris is a PSN game but bundled in this big box on a Blu-Ray to gather more sales and i am sure it did too as the box is cheap and looks great.

Proper cardboard material, a solid box with nice graphics and best of all, some nice tidbits inside.


I know there are quite a few Bubblehead haters out there but i like the few i got and the Lara one is no exception, solid stuff.

A small map is also included although i found it rather useless as i expected a bigger one and more informative.

I have Yet to try the game, i will try it soon enough.


Big Kudos to my son for giving me this x-mas present (which i paid myself after his consent) :-).

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6 thoughts on “Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft – Temple Of Osiris – Gold Edition

  1. taken of the shelfs?… i have seen ALL over the place in Ålesund 😛 gamestop, spaceworld, platekompaniet etc. and still in january they are there.

  2. not a single one to be found here nor in stavanger atleast. and i see people asking on forums for it too (USA especially). will get a few i think, that is if i can find any !. 🙂

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