After years of waiting, the final part of the outstanding The Last of Us is finally here. By this time, who among you are deeply interested in this game will probably have played a significant part of it or, at least, have read tons of reactions on most of the major gaming sites out there. In 2013, when the original game came out, TLoU became a world-wide phenomenon which, like most of Naughty Dog games, set new standards for the industry. In the last few months though, the studio underwent a great amount of criticism mostly due to its policy of “exploiting” the developers with extenuating sessions of the so-called “crunch” and for a plot supposedly not up to the level of the first game. For reasons like these ones, the hours preceding TLoU2 debut (and the hours immediately after that) saw the community splitting in two: in one corner the ones who were angry with the studio and who tried to bring it down in every possible way (including very unfair and intellectual dishonest reviews and scores); in the other, those who claimed the title to be an absolute masterpiece, even before playing it.

On my part, I wished I could have done more in order to submit a more in-depth article, but time is really lacking right now. What follows are just a few pictures put together to keep you entertained and show you how high, once again, Naughty Dog’s standards are. If you haven’t played the first game this article may contain spoilers, so stop reading now if you plan to try the “full experience” out.

TLoU2 starts exactly where the first one left off. Joel has killed all the doctors who took Ellie in custody after learning that searching for a cure would kill the girl. Back to Jackson’s outpost, Joel lies to Ellie and tells her that a cure for the disease that struck Earth was never really an option. As a result, feeling somewhat guilty, Ellie parts from Joel virtually starting a new life on her own, despite Joel attempts to behave and feel like a family.

Now, four years have passed. The land is more beautiful than ever, but it’s also as dreadful. Ellie and her friend Dina are often out of Jackson in search of infected. Once located, they are immediately killed, in an attempt to eradicate the infection and the mutation once and for all.

This drill could go on forever, but an unexpected menace is just beyond the horizon, one that will change Ellie’s life forever. What this menace is, I won’t tell you since it is a major spoiler, but I bet it will change your life as well!

The Last of Us – Part II is out now. Join the party!

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