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2013 for me have been a very interesting year, it was the first year in PS3’s whole generation that i managed to skip or forget about huge AAA titles because of me being busy playing an MMO (a genre i have never really appreciated before…) and as always the game i fell in love with was a mediocre game with lots of bugs and glitches in it… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME??
Anyways i will jump into the fire here with mentioning some (if not all) of the games that made me smile and stick to the end of it or longer.
Defiance, this game ruined many games for me in 2013 as i just couldn’t put down this game at all, i just had to get the platinum and for some reason i kept on loving it even though it has all kinds of problems, that said they have fixed a bucketload of problems and added new features since release so all in all it hasn’t been as bad as the media made it out to be.
I have no got my platinum yet as there is a PVP mode i need to play a lot more (deathmatch and such) but there are no players in PVP mode as that function in the game is rather bad (still) but i will try to get enough players to join the game to get that frickin last trophy!.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: That was when i acquired the SMG weapon called Diablo, from that time on it became fun to go into a battle against the Volga!.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: That was when my character was deleted/removed with no reason (Server issue?) at all and worst of was triple XP week at the same time. it took 4 days to get my account back, good service was given but only after i made a lot of rackets online but since then one of the guys in the community team decided to subscribe to my blog and join me in game.
Beyond:Two Souls:this game is a typical AAA game that gets lost in the seas of mass media hysteria and a lot of critics decided to put a lot of hate towards it because it was too deep for them or simply down to the fact that they just had to get hits for their crappy website or whatnot (see Metacritic, 10 websites out of nowhere decided to give it “red scores”), Beyond to me was the typical French style i wanted it to be just like Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain was and as always the style and story in these games is very far from the Hollywood of gaming so either they fail (Fahrenheit) or they go to sell millions upon millions (Heavy Rain), sadly Beyond went the way of Fahrenheit, both being awesome games but the general gamers out there decided to ignore it totally.
While Beyond ain’t the game i had hoped it to be it still went down as one of the most memorable titles on the PS3 for me and i found the story and gameplay very cool and well executed but at the same time not breaking any of the magic.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME:2 player mode, playing it with a friend and really enjoying the story and watching the little girl grow up in a world full of conspiracy.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME:At several points in the game it felt like it was supposed to end, the game didn’t drag out but it felt like it should have ended earlier so in the end, the game ended with no amazing story/plot twist at all as it had been played out already earlier in the game.
Grand Theft Auto 5: a game which so many bought and loved but i was not one of them, Franklin destroyed the game for me, i timed him for 5 minutes and in those 5 minutes he swore 39 times!, typical GTA? maybe, maybe not..i have no problem with swearing or whatever but this was totally over the top and it made me turn down the sound as it became nothing else than a bunch of bitching and nagging, The game took a turn when i got to play Michael and then the game became fun and quite cool but every time i saw Franklin , well i wanted to switch the game off and in the end i did just that.
I also found the framerate very bad and the music fitted the game perfectly i guess but hip-hop and bitching music are not for me as i am getting older and grey hair has started to show so…
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Not experienced it myself but i got to see a video on Youtube where Franklin was shot and killed in a story mission, i know i would have selected him too if i had come to that mission.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Franklin!, no custom music.
11-03-26-05-21_0_bioshockinfinite_1920x1080Bioshock Infinite: Yet another amazing game from 2013, graphics, story, weapons, everything felt damn good and solid and when it was released it felt like this would be the G.O.T.Y of 2013 but a couple months later The Last Of Us hit the market and took the throne. Bioshock have always been tied with Xbox but all 3 games are out on both consoles these days and quite good ports too and Infinite is no exception, the game is a masterpiece and nearly perfect but difficulty spikes and various crap decisions dragged the game down from being the game it should have been but many people (including critics) decided to totally ignore the flaws and call it perfect and rate it as one of the best games ever on Metacritic.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: The weapons feel very solid, locations and Elisabeth!.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME:Difficulty spikes in the game but the worst spike was in the very end of the game while fighting that Luftwaffe thingamabob, frustration kicked in and i was very near to switching of the game and not look at it ever again…. but i eventually completed the mission/game without changing the difficulty level (IIRC) –HARD -.
lara-croft-tomb-raider-2013-hd-wallpapersTomb Raider:the 2013 game is the second TR reboot the last decade and both reboots have been fantastic in terms of how the game evolved from getting stuck in the past and much like it’s last reboot “Legend” this new reboot managed to put Tomb Raider back into the limelight and causing the media to go ape and create enough noise so gamers out there just had to get the game to see what the fuzz was about.

Tomb Raider has been a series with many sloppy or bad games but those that are good have defined the TPS games to come for the next years and i am 100% certain that this reboot has done that again even though this new Tomb Raider game is more or less an Uncharted knock-off it has to be said that it is an amazing knock-off and a game you must own if you’re into these types of games.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME:for me it was amazing to see how athletic they made her, the boob job felt perfect and seeing how dirty and scratched up she got through the game was a blast and i must admit that the body of this Tomb Raider must be one of the sexiest i have ever got the pleasure to play.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: The puzzles were extremely easy.
2013_god_of_war_ascension-wideGod Of War:Ascension: The media tried to motivate the GOW team to do an Online Multiplayer mode and in my opinion, the media managed to break a perfectly fine game as the online mode felt out of place for me and it also confused the uninformed gamers who thought this game was Online Only! so they ended up not buying the game and it didn’t help that many websites tried to downplay the game in favor of some Xbox game, oh and yes… Sony did next to no marketing whatsoever…atleast in Europe.
Anyways, this is a really good single player game with a cool story and good pacing and it even had a puzzle for once that i was stuck at for a while, far from being as good as God Of War 3 but still a game above 99% of all other games of the same style/kind.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: BLOOD and the boss battle when fighting Polyphemus (or whatever his name is.. it’s the gigantic Cyclops thing.)
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Online play and the scene while “slaying” your wife got a bit out of hand… (when they took the story further).
Sly.Cooper.Thieves.in_.Time_.Gang_.and_.Van_-640x440Sly Cooper:Thieves In Time: This is the 4th game in the series and a game i have been waiting for quite a bit, it came out last year and i bought it on day 1 and i installed it on both the PS3 and the Vita, played it for a few days (both formats), loved it but at a certain point it became very “sterile”, almost as if the developers had given up on the game, the style was great and all but it just went from great to quite boring sadly. I have yet to finish the game as i felt i had to take a break from it just to see if it would help to get me interested in it again…. half a year later and i am still waiting for the magic.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: so far the best part has been time travel! the humor etc.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: so far it’s been “free roaming” and the map sizes and how it lost its focus due to the maps and such.
dead-island-riptideDead Island:Riptide:is another grand example of how the media can make people angry for no reason what so ever, the media went on and on about how Techland should have just sold this as DLC and not another game and while it may sound like milking it ain’t as it is a new location (note, huge new map) and a story too and yes the gameplay is the same and even the menus are the same and yes it is indeed not a sequel and more of a Dead Island 1.5 but as soon as you start playing Riptide…that is if you ever get that far due to the media and it’s review scores.. well when you fire up the game, it will all feel familiar and it works from the get go but yes you must find a friend or 3 who you can play it with as this game is a CO-OP game and IMO not a game you should play SOLO at all in.
Blood, Zombies, bosses and lots of hidden stuff!, more of the same but to me, it is one of the best games on the PS3, at least in terms of fun we’ve had online in it.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Driving a car with a friend in a minefield, when he jumped out all mines possible went off around him and he went all “WTF” and screamed like a monkey, absolutely hilarious stuff which would never have happened in Singleplayer or in another game at all i bet.
WORST PART IN THE GAME:Connection Lost, loading/connecting errors and such, the game worked fine as soon as you managed to connect and 99,5% of the time there never was a lag issue or such but sometimes it would never show the online lists or players and such…. things worked better after i moved to my house where i had full control over my network connection and direct contact with the provider.
ni-no-kuni-wrath-of-the-white-witch-ps3-e3-2012-screenshots-6Ni No Kuni: this game managed something that very few RPG games have done in the last decade, it managed to sell so good and appeal to so many that they had to double if not triple their production numbers and yet it is still hard to find now 1 year later.
Ni No Kuni is a very beautiful game, the art and style are next to unique for its kind on the PlayStation, g0blin wrote an amazing article about it here on this very blog last year, check it out.
This game came out after both Bioshock and God of War and before The Last Of Us and i can clearly remember me saying how this game was my G.O.T.Y. 2013 for sure…. things changed but it is still one of the best games in 2013.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Defeating Shadar heh.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Compressed videos, reduced quality compared to the actual gameplay quality. And another thing was the difficulty spikes!.
Rayman Legends:Origins was a hit, a proper comeback for a platformer game that had been going downhill for over decade so a sequel was bound to happen but gamers out there got very upset when no PS or XB versions was announced and it looked like it would be a Wii-U exclusive, luckily for us Nintendo fucked up and lost the game to the Vita, PS3, and Xbox360, Legends is awesome and it has so many nice touches to it that its a joy to play but the PS3 version is not my preferred version as i personally think the controls and style works better on the Vita but i bought it for both platforms and i enjoy them both but i have yet to complete them as Defiance have been eating away all my game time for over 5-6 months now…
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: The music levels, absolutely ingenious stuff, hope more stuff like this will come as when it is so pure and non-laggy as this then it is simply amazing.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: The game map and menu system can be really annoying and confusing!.
i18U9nFxPsJPe8EGran Turismo 6:First of all i just want to say What the hell is wrong with some people out there?, they run respectable websites with 10.000+ users every day and others have incredibly popular video sites and such and they managed to put a review score on Gran Turismo 6 to 20 out of 100 and yet people still go to the website(s)!, so in other words the world is full of people who think the Hot Wheels PS3 game from earlier in 2013 to be better than GT 6 (which these sites gave 40 and 50).
I do not care too much about review scores in general but when a game like GT6 and Beyond: Two Souls get scores as low as this from respectable sites then i gotta ask what the hell is their problem? oh and yes… the score naturally drags down the score a lot on and
GT6 is the best GT in many, many years as it has a ton for changes and while some stuff is currently gone (3D support, 60 fps) it is still very far from anything below average even for the ultimate GT hater.
Sony has not marketed this game well enough to stand on its feet alone when websites give the game such scores, blame it on the websites or Sony but do not blame it on the game as the game is utterly brilliant.
Ah and yes, the media have been focusing a lot on the microtransactions in the game and made a lot of noise about it but i can safely say that you do not need any microtransactions really..unless you have little time and a lot of real money as with real money you can buy GT in-game money so you won’t need to grind the hell out of the game in order to get the car you need for the next drive test etc.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Driving a Ferrari 458Italia on the Nurburgring at night in rain!
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: accidentally selling my best car and went to bed while save was uploaded to my Playstation Cloud account and having to grind my way up again to buy it.
787003645621980489Metro:Last Light, a dark catacomb/tunnel shooter which later on goes outside, extremely cool monsters and intense stealth action with very limited weapons makes this game one of the best games in its genre but it has several flaws and some very annoying problems like problems figuring out the objectives and getting lost even though it is very linear.
Metro Last Night bears a strong resemblance to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and is also based in the same part of the world Russia/*Ukraine or such, and that alone should be enough of a reason to buy this wonderful fps game.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: (so far) Driving a car on train tracks inside a tunnel, really fast and hitting something (spoiler!)
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Getting lost and dying because of it (radiation pools).
crysis-3-33257-wp-jpgCrysis 3:Number 1 was cool and great looking but boring, Crysis 2 was an urban shooter and it looked awesome but yet again the gameplay wasn’t as good as it deserved to be so all in all this should mean that Crysis 3 should have fixed everything and made it both fantastic looking and extremely fun to play?, not really.. i played the training and i got swamped with functions and control options and button layouts and what not… too complicated for its own good or at least that was my experience so i ended up just stowing the game away for later…. 9 months later and i still haven’t tried it again.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: (so far..) … Graphics.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME:(so far), overcomplicated controls and whatnot.
maxresdefault (1)Medal Of Honor:Warfighter:I will be very honest here and say that i totally love the reboot that came in 2010, still do and i got a feeling a lot of others here at work and on my friendslist but yet the critics seem to hype COD up instead even though i don’t know more than 2-3 persons who play Ghosts now. Medal Of Honor 2013:Warfighter flopped badly even though it is a good game, short but good and the whole intensity of the game is way better structured than any COD game will ever be, sadly warfighter has a pretty bad online part and because of this the game sold badly or was traded in right after it’s release, i bought Warfighter for less than 7 Euro and it wasn’t even 2 months after release.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: The Epicness of some of the gameplay, the driving section was fabulous and of course the one pictured above, no Medal Of Honor game without a proper “shore” level.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: a certain sniper mission in the game which required a very special tactic due to a difficulty spike on Hard that basically broke the game, i must have tried 60 times or something before i nailed it!
254367-E1Dragons Crown:We have got to a point in 3D gaming where people have decided to go back to 2D / 2.5D gaming again and to me that is wonderful as i love game art and classic gameplay and when games like Trine 2 and now Dragons Crown got released i just had to get them even though i knew nothing about them other than them was not a 2d puzzler port from iPhone/iOS (too many of those shit puzzler games these days!!!). Dragons Crown is a Golden Axe style type of game, actually it could have been named Golden Axe 2 and people wouldn’t have noticed it…well kind of anyway. Dragons Crown is a 2D brawler type of game with lots of RPG stats and upgrades but never too complicated and it never gets old or boring either and its clearly one of the best Cross play VITA/*PS3 games out there, that said i prefer this game on the Vita due to the style of the game and it is a shame that the game ain’t Crossbuy.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Unlocking the Online CO-OP option and being able to play the game in the way it should have been from the get-go!.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: That i had to complete the game in Singleplayer in order to unlock Online CO-OP play…
NFS-Rivals-mainNeed For Speed:Rivals, not completed this game yet but i have played enough to say that this game is a notch up from the wonderful NFS:MOST WANTED game released last year, same maps although more of it and better graphics along with more options and a joy to ride, i am so in love with NFS atm, never thought i would ever like an NFS game after PRO STREET but since then i have really liked 4 NFS games and so far MOST WANTED have been the best one but i got a feeling that Rivals will be the number one for me soon.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Reaching Heat Level 10 and at the same time Unlocking the Ferrari 458Spider due to sheer luck because of oncoming traffic and a huge jump and a rival trying to take me out in a “front to front” collision, priceless!.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME:Connection lost ,Migrating connection/host. AAAAAAAAAARGH!
ellie_joel_in_the_last_of_us-wideThe Last Of Us, I Feel this game needs no introduction or even generic comments other than Not played it? , get it now! as it is clearly one of the best games ever made!. Naughty Dog did it again, they did it with Crash Bandicoot, Jak And Daxter, Uncharted and now The Last Of Us, instant classic and a good enough reason to buy the console if for some reason you didn’t do it when or between the Uncharted games came out.
The game nearly made me smash my console and throw my TV out the window, the story is too true for us and some of the twists in the game simply made it too real for me and i have no problem sharing with you guys that i shed some tears while playing the game and i also did a few screams and the typical anger /hysterical moments i do in gripping games.
BEST MOMENT IN THE GAME: hard as i loved it so much and played it so intensely that i feel it will be wrong to pick 1 moment but OK here goes, totally loved the feeling of playing Ellie while sneaking in the small town after the “horseback riding” part.
WORST MOMENT IN THE GAME: Yes there was one and i am still pissed about it after i had completed the game, my whole body felt exhausted but that was OK but when i checked the trophy list and discovered how i had unlocked 1 or 2 trophies through the whole game! , WHAT THE HELL?. Replayability? , sure but not so sure it would be fun to play it again while looking for stuff and breaking the whole immersion? , oh well, i must do it someday.
Finally, this article has taken a lot of time to write and i need a break now so i might update it later as i am sure there are other games i should have on this list…

Edit by g0blin: added the link to Ni no Kuni article. 🙂

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