As many of our passionate readers know, this blog has always had two souls: the first one, incarnated by the almighty Toaks, that mostly takes care of the Amiga stuff, and mine, usually dealing either with modern (PlayStation) titles or very old 8-bit stuff (Commodore C128, generally).

Nonetheless, I am an Amigan myself and, now that my A1200 and A2000 have been restored, I am more and more willing to enter the arena by finally experiencing on the real hardware again.

That’s why, among other titles (please support Amiga’s indie devs), I secured my copy of a “brand” new game: The Shadows of Sergoth. Based on the 2018 Amstrad CPC 6128 game by Christophe Petit & Kukulcan, it was later ported for the Commodore Amiga with 2Mb of RAM by the guys at DoubleSidedGamesTenShu (graphics), Colin Vella (code), and Mike Richmond (music and sound).

The Shadows of Sergoth is a dungeon crawler in subjective view that “takes place in a medieval fantasy world, in a little kingdom called Chrisandia, in the south of the Marak peninsula. It is not very densely populated and it makes a living from the fishery and the trading with the northern countries. Its actual king, Orlof VI the doughty, is a member of a long dynasty of kings who distinguished themselves during the conquests of the era of ashes. During the wars against the evil emperor Sul Rakin, the kingdom demonstrated great courage despite the losses. The events in the game take place five years after the fall of the emperor, in the year 351 of the era of crystal.”

Since I only started the game a couple of days ago I won’t give a review here, but please enjoy its unboxing.
SoS comes in a very nice and professional carton box manufactured with a glossy look that surely enhances TenShu graphics skills. Both the front and the back covers are a piece of art, with nicely positioned pictures and text.

The inside reveals a huge instructions booklet that thoroughly explains the story, how to play but also important tips and tricks for newbies of dungeon crawlers. The game is based on 3 disks: the first 2 contain the game, while the third one holds the installer (if you own an HD-based system) and the editor. Also, detailed instructions are given to create a “save disk” in case your Amiga is floppy-based only. Please note that, if you buy the digital version, a save disk is already present in the game directory as an additional ADF image.

As in every “collector’s edition” worth of notice, the box also holds a few nice goodies, namely:

  • a very cool, and very appropriate, dice (it brings back many memories);
  • a real compass;
  • a couple of stickers depicting pixelated in-game enemies.

As said, I only explored the first level, but if the game is only nearly as good as the box is …
What are you waiting for? Head to the store and secure your copy: you won’t regret it!

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3 thoughts on “The Shadow of Sergoth – Unboxing

  1. OMG there are really active Amiga Fans left in this World? I started my gamer career on C=64 and then on an Amiga 500+. It was the best time of my life and i really wished to get back to this time when everything was better… It´s amazing what you can find when you just browse the web to find some blogs or magazines you can comment to make a couple of new contacts, friends or maybe more… i just made a “Lesezeichen”, sorry actually i don´t know what this means in english, i really need to fresh up my use of this language. Since there is no longer a physical Gamescom in cologne, my english is a bit rusty…

    I will follow your blog from now on… just cause of the nostalgic feeling it gives me…. feel hugged 😉

    1. Hey man, really cool to hear from you. if you want to get back into Amiga then I will certainly help you to meet up with old friends and whatnot, Twitter and Facebook got loads of returning Amiga people and many of them are old developers that want back into the “when computing was fun era” due to them getting burnt out from the AAA console and PC era of today.

      Another thing is that if you ever want to develop stuff then there are ways to get your software onto other platforms too.

      hit me up on Facebook or Twitter if you want a discussion beyond here on the blog , thanks for the following.

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