After my recent article about The Division 2 Private Beta, it’s now time to take a look at one of the many Limited Editions out there. Despite having run out of any possible space, I elected to buy the Dark Zone Edition which featured a nice figurine of one of the NPC agents that populates Washington, DC where The Division 2 is now set.

Agent Heater Ward figurine is yet another one of those masterpieces that¬†Ubisoft has recently delivered one of them being, for example,¬†Assassins’ Creed Origins one. Detailed, colorful and well balanced, this figurine will have a proper place in my collection. Take a look at some splendid details…

Another nice thing to take a look at is a detailed map of downtown Washington, where you will surely spend a lot of delightful hours fighting against the most fearsome enemies. The back of the map holds an inspiring poster. Wish I had bought two of those editions …

Next, is an art book. A very well done, but far to short to be satisfying if you are a hard-core fan of the franchise. I actually expected way more than this from Ubisoft, but I guess you can’t have everything, can you?

The package finally also includes a selection of the original soundtrack by Ola Strandh (nice job, my friend: right on spot again!) and a few codes for addition skins and weapons blueprints. The codes are there for who grabs ’em first. What is actually missing here is a decorated metal case but I guess I can live even without that. Here is an overall view of the entire package.

Finally the box itself. I know it’s “just” a box, but manufacturing and choice of colors are, again, right on spot. The cover depicts Agent Ward with a grenade launcher, one of the three signature weapons available once you reach level 30 in the End Game. The other two are a Sharpshooter and a Crossbow.

A feature that is available in other Limited Editions but is missing here is the 1 Year Pass, a kind of Season Pass that will allow you to play additional contents a week earlier compared to the “regular” players. It does cost a lot (about 40Eu) so, since you will be able to play those DLCs regardless (a Season Pass is not necessary here), get it only if you are a true fan. All the others can safely wait a week longer.

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