How About A Video Of “Every” Amiga Game Released?


This is something i actually planned on creating myself, but a YouTuber named Joshhny Asaski beat me to it.  

Imagine spending all this time at recording and playing every single game out there? , imagine all the bad games? , all the good ones? , it is a humongous task, to say the least.

The video here is an incredible 7 hours and 25 minutes long and supposedly got every Amiga game released in it, i have not doubled checked this (yet (lol) ) and if there are missing ones then i guess he will patch em into it or something?

One bad thing about this video is that there ain’t any time stamping in it nor a list of what is recorded. The Amiga had several thousand titles released and it is still getting new games even today so some way of actually confirming that this video is actually “EVERY AMIGA GAME” is kinda hard to nail right now.

Sit back and enjoy one heck of a ride down memory lane of one of the best gaming platforms ever to be made.


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3 thoughts on “How About A Video Of “Every” Amiga Game Released?

  1. Just recently finished it. AMAZING!
    I had to see it in many parts. I thought I had played all the games that were any good.
    I was wrong to put it mildly… 😀


    1. It was thanks to you that i found out about it hehe 🙂

      according to a comment on FB this video is missing loads of games tho… so we will see what happens, that said… brilliant video nontheless 🙂

  2. oh my god!… how long does it take to film all the games??, congratulations to the author of the video! my Respect! 🙂

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