Amiga: Shadow Of The Beast IV Fan-Art Intro


I do not understand how I could have not heard about this when it came out back in 2013, but yes this is actually the first time I got to see the whole intro, and by the look of things it seems I am not the only one. 

Artist VaanDark put this amazing video up in 2013, in both English and Polish languages, the music and graphics hold high standard too and quite believable to the SOTB universe.

I know very little about this project and while I haven’t checked much around (yet) I still decided to push this little article out just to see what happens.

Sit back and enjoy the vid, it is worth your time for sure.

Oh and one more thing…  This VaanDark guy, he also did quite a few other cool things by the look of things…

The thing that brought me to this video, yup the AGONY Pastel Chalk paintings, check them out right away, brilliant stuff to watch.

What about another loading screen?

Maybe this is your favourite loading picture?

Here is the one I like the most…

And now over to something totally different…

VaanDark / VaanMcleod / Rysuje Vaan(?) also got a Deviant Art page which can be found here: VaanDARK at Deviantart

Hope you guys found something new in here like I did.

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