sparkle_2_screen004_1024x768Sparkle 2 is yet another casual copycat game and i have no idea where the “train” started but Zuma and Luxor on pc and consoles as well as Bubble Train on the Amiga came long before this Sparkle series for sure and while the whole concept is very similar to Puzzle Bubble it is still not the same as this series have dynamic playfields and lots of powerups and such.
Sparkle 2 is a “cheap” knock-off Luxor wannabe in my opinion and i personally think that it is quite bad and should never be compared to the amazing Luxor or Zuma (1) but it is one of those “just one more go” types of games and it will be sufficient while we wait for either Luxor or Zuma to arrive on the PS4 (and Vita). (but i will not buy Sparkle 2!).

The aim, shoot… no wait… aim, HOLD SHOOTING BUTTON to see where the ball will go… quirky and in my opinion an annoying “feature”, why not just do a Luxor here? , a line…

Rant over and with that i this thing with a video i created last night, enjoy.

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