image7I and my family went to the local bowling alley yesterday and to my big surprise, i found new arcade machines there, by new i, mean produced in 2014!. This bowling alley is the last one in my city and yes they have had Arcade machines there since forever but this is the first time since 2003 or something since i saw a new’ish machine there.

The bowling alley is of decent size but the main focus is snooker/billiards tables and the bowling part and only 3 Arcade machines.  The last 3 years or so they have kept the same ones, 2 pinball tables, and Sega Rally, before that there was 1 Pinball machine, Sega Rally, and Dance Dance Revolution.

Oh, and i nearly forgot the broken Time Crisis cabinet, everytime we visited there was a note ” out of order blah blah” thing.


One of the two brand new machines is this one,  ” Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition”, the date on the cabinet and in-game is 2014, and it looks brand new, no wear, no tear what so ever.

Proper cabinet, similar to the older Jurassic park etc cabinets, the interior is sturdy and proper sound and effects. No cheap shortcuts here!.

Deadstorm Pirates is an older game, i got it on the PS3 so i am not sure what and why this cabinet is new and if the game has many changes compared to it’s older brother.


The other new machine was this one, ” Dead Heat Riders ” which is dated 2013 on the cabinet and 2014 in the game, this cabinet also looks brand new, not a single scratch on it.

A very cool design on the cabinet, 2 full-size bikes and lots of cool lights and of course lots and lots of noise/sound.

Finding new Arcade games or even old ones is one of the few things that i really, really like and it’s always been like this. Finding Arcade’s these days is more or less impossible in Norway, the market is gone and most if not all machines are long gone.

I did not spend any money on any of the machines this time around but i will do so very soon but i guess this is why Arcades went away, people spent no money on them.

I plan to take more pictures the next time i visit as it was too crowded to take proper pictures,  The cabinets were quite busy too, kids sitting there and pressing buttons (the usual) but there were also people actually playing them too, quite a bit too.


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