Ok so here’s the story…

when we moved 5 years ago (yes i moved twice in 5 years (in 2008 and then i moved again this year) ), we moved everything in a matter of days (well…3 – 4 + or so lol actually) and it all went extremely rapidly and without breaking anything(?) but there was 1 incident and that was that when we had stacked everything away in boxes and loaded em onto the car/trailer etc… a shiny UMD was all that was left in the old apartment.

Since time was little and i did not want to look up the PSP collection “boxes”..well i had to just put the UMD for TOKOBOT in a random box …one of my boxes… which i have thousands of…. brilliant move.

Tokobot was on the table for an obvious reason and that was because i had been playing it in between moving and packing and the other game i/we played was LocoRoco 1 and or 2? (i can’t remember) and somehow i managed to forget to put the UMD back into its box when we cleaned up the last PSP stuff, The LocoRoco(s) UMD was left in the PSP unit and you have no idea how many times i have checked the LocoRoco(s) box for the Tokobot UMD .. it’s not there of course.

I have now begun the task i should have started many moons ago but this time it’s for several reasons and finding this UMD is just a small part of the rest and that is to list and complete the collection database/website(s) as the lists have been unfinished for years and just the Amiga collection alone probably have around 500 unlisted games in there as back when i was cataloging everything (2007?) something bad happened and that was that i started moving boxes around the houses without knowing which and whom i already had added to the list and done pictures of.

(I fear that it’s gonna take weeks if not months to do all of this, as i scan boxes and manuals and take pictures and add them to my lists etc as well as websites like www.hol.abime.net and other collector sites etc and of course checking and doublechecking if it’s on my list already or not to prevent missing titles and or double entries..)

I would have done all of this between now and 2009 if i could have done it in a tidy way but the old apartment was simply too small for me to crack open the whole collection at the same time.

EDIT: Video Uploaded now, make sure to give it a check and report back.thanks.

Tokobot was a PSP Exclusive title which eventually came to the PS2 later on due to the game failing financially on the PSP and while the PSP version was the best version and where the game was meant to be it still got some PS2 followers and it managed to sell quite a bit more on it.

PS: If you got some spare time and want to visit me to help… feel free to do so;).

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