Why i stopped developing…


Who would have guessed that I returned strong in 2015 with doing support for just about every game released the next 7 or so years. When I look back now I count over 40 titles that I have helped getting released for the Amiga Classic and a few for AmigaOS4.

Hey guys, lately i have been getting a lot of emails and messages asking me why i stopped with development and porting stuff to AmigaOS4 and if i would return at some point.

So here’s the thing, the family is taking more and more time, i got a son in 2009 and it changed my life and perspective on life itself and while a lot of things are the same as before my brain and focus are, well let’s just say far from what it used to be hehe.

Working as a freelancer, having a day job, a family and an extraordinary passion for Games certainly takes more time than the 24 hours delivered to us by our ancestors…

The Whole Amiga scene is still fucked up and since the lawsuit it’s been hard for people to return to the scene for various reasons but for me it was all the lies and stories uncovered, people i respected and cared for turned out to be evil and full of plans to take business X down or just trying to make the other look like a fool and even bringing that out to the public.

So basically after 8 years or so of 100%, NextGen Amiga focuses i turned away as i got burnt out and started to question what the hell i was doing and why i even bothered…

Amiga to me has always been about the joy and feeling of “being part of something” and that even the tiniest thing would be appreciated by the community, and that has been one of the things that have driven me since the day i went into the PPC Amiga era.

Amiga to me has always been like a haven, a happy place and a place where people could ask the stupidest questions and people would try to help out, these days it seems to be a place of fighting and being ignorant and if you ask a stupid question especially about another OS than you normally use, may it be MorphOS, AmigaOS, AmigaOS4 or AROS someone will jump at you and call you stuff and chase you away.

Today people say, hey but you’re still here! Indeed, i am and still am 100% Amiga which means no Linux, Mac or Windows machines and i still buy new hardware and software for my Amiga as i never quit Amiga but i just went away from the limelight and people in various dev and beta lists know that.

So why did i return to the forums? , well i haven’t really as i visit as often as before but i post a little more these days but i am still reserved about what to post and not as there’s always someone who will go ape.

Games Development, i still do stuff but it’s not as fun as it used to be anymore but i hope to return soon, i have stuff that is nearly done and i have stuff i want to do but finding inspiration is hard but it’s on its way.

The community seems to be solid, with great people out there and loads of nifty programs and games being developed and released but sadly many of them are works in progress and sadly got bugs and problems in them.

The various lists and teams that i am part of seem to be on the rise and since the netbook announcement last year, the people have been more active, vocal and confident.

So yes i am still going strong but i will return to where you all used to see me and do all the stuff i used to do including games and tools development.

Oh, and as a footnote, my Amiga X1000 will hopefully show up early next year.



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3 thoughts on “Why i stopped developing…

  1. Every now and then I go back to this post. It’s so sad to read it, but in a way it always motivates me to start back up from where you left off. I sure don’t have your skills, nor I have the time to close the gap, but I think the important thing is to start the journey. One day, hopefully, results will come along

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