16323216257_1e753096c5_oWingsuits is one of those things that i have enjoyed so much in games lately that i personally think that every single game out there needs a wingsuit! yes, well not every game but every open world game. Just Cause 3 was announced a while back and since then i have been waiting for screenshots and videos but it’s been very quiet sadly, well until now anyway.

A couple of screenshots and a teaser was released a few days ago, the less i say about the video the better as that video was a pain in the arse to watch, no gameplay video was shown and the soundtrack felt totally out of place for such a teaser. (IMO)


Why the video didn’t show the stuff shown in the screenshots is beyond me but maybe it is because the screenshots are actually fake ones? only time will tell.

The screenshots look uber cool and seem to take the step forward to Next Generation consoles pretty good. The first Just Cause was the first Open World game that i completed (i think) and while it had loads of problems it was still fantastic fun to play.


Just Cause 2 was another awesome game and while i struggled with motivation at times it was still one of the coolest games at the time, that grappling hook gameplay mechanics ruled!. I have not spotted any CO-OP or even the grappling hook stuff in the pictures or news reports.

Check out the teaser trailer below, it is boring as hell… You have hereby been warned…



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