15 Years Of Reading… – Amiga Magazines – Part 1 Of 2


DSC_0828The Amiga scene ain’t what it used to be for sure, but there is a lot of important people and projects still, one of them being the magazines.

Today there are only a few magazines left and as far as i know, there is only 1 left that is in full color and in English, Amiga Future.

The founder, Andreas Magerl from APC-TCP started this name as a computer club, as far as i know, this club eventually became a magazine in German. It took many, many years for the magazine to be translated to English and 94 issues later it went from black and white to full color.

The core team works very hard on delivering the best articles they can and while there ain’t a lot to write about anymore they still manage to push out bi-monthly magazines with great articles.

DSC_0838It is not often i see mistakes in Amiga Future which means I won’t make noise about this but i found this a wee bit funny.

There ain’t a issue 112, instead there is 2 issues of 113 and the last one came this month.

I noticed this error last night when i was prepping the pictures here and i started looking 112.  This might be a collectible in a few years time, i can see the forums about people asking around..  Just like we did 10 years ago with CD32 Gamer CD 3, a cd that was never released as there were 2 number 4s.

Spotting errors are rare so these things are not that important, other than for trivial stuff.

DSC_0837Maybe it’s just me, i used to be quite the Amiga browsing type and knew just about everything there was to know of news back then, but the last few years have been slow for me.

Getting AmigaFuture in the post has always been a blast as it presents me to stuff i never really bothered to check out before, like this Kryoflux article, i bought a Kryoflux because of this very article.

One can say that this is just me not bothering to check the news online, but i think it’s more about it being a magazine, something i hold in my hands and read and that’s why i give it a chance.

Taking your laptop (which Amiga people don’t have..) to your toilet is not the same as reading a proper mag!, END OF DISCUSSION!.

I started getting AmigaFuture when it went “English”, i am not sure which number it actually was, but i think it was issue 88 (the one above).

I remember i brought this very mag with me to work one day and that day was the best day to bring a magazine too as we had a power outage which lasted for 7 hours.  I must have read the mag 10 times and since then i decided to support the magazine for as long as it’s in production.

It is always exciting to read articles/reviews about projects that you have been involved in, these pictures above shows Cherry Darling’s games being reviewed.

I was a bit involved in these games and personally, i think i contributed in a few ways too, all 3 being excellent games by a great team.

I managed to snag 2 copies of Tales Of Gorluth thanks to this preview article (picture to the left), a game i had never heard of before and was almost ready to be released. I messaged the developer and he responded that the sales were good and that it was almost sold out, so i decided to buy 2.

Soon after release people were asking for copies to buy so this might be a keeper in the future.

The picture to the right is the review, well-written review too. I must admit that i have played the game too little so far but, i will play it again soon.

I find news in this magazine and i hope others do too and seeing how much effort and time goes into this magazine makes the amount of sold issues even more important.

Every issue of AmigaFuture sports a full CD too, lots of free games, games which they have exclusive rights to include both on cd and on the website. I am not all that interested in the CD but i am sure many others are.



That’s it for AmigaFuture now, and now onto the other Amiga magazines that i have supported the last 15 years.

Article 2/2 is up soon, nearly done with it so stay tuned.

I hope i have included all magazines in these 2 posts (see next article for full list), i know there is a Hungarian one as well as an Italian one but those will be very hard for me to document as they’re in a language i can’t understand at all.

Thanks for your time.

15 Years Of Reading… – Amiga Magazines – Part 2 Of 2

Edit: Article 2 is up now. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “15 Years Of Reading… – Amiga Magazines – Part 1 Of 2

  1. The italian amiga magazine you are talking about is “Bitplane”.

    I started reading it (and the writing articles for it) a few years ago. Sadly, there aren’t many supporters nowadays and ACube/Virtual Works is very busy with Sam motherboards and such.

    The last number (#28) never came out, and I had all my articles ready.

    Anyway, I will report about the magazine fairly soon, once this TSMC project is finally out.

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