A Fan-tastic Crash Bandicoot Collectible

I guess neither Sony nor Activision had any idea that the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy would be a major hit, i mean, if they had then there would have been all sorts of collectors versions of it right?.

Not even a steelbook version…

So finding this Sony Spain item was a real pleasure, one catch though, only 1 is made and it will be raffled out if the video gets 50.000 likes.

Aku Aku Temple - Amigaguru

Aku Aku Temple – Amigaguru

I can’t read Spanish but from what i understand is that this ” contraption ” is actually a real PS4 console modded by Mako Mod.

Aku Aku on the top is hovering on top while spinning ( magnets i guess?), Crash is in the Warp tunnel.

Aku Aku Temple - Amigaguru

Aku Aku Temple – Amigaguru

The DS4 pad looks like nothing i have ever seen before, amazing looking! And it is fully operational of course… albeit it does look like it would be quite painful to use…

Aku Aku Temple - Amigaguru

Aku Aku Temple – Amigaguru

The details on the controller are nothing less than stellar, this is definitely one I really would love to take a closer look at one day.

Aku Aku Temple - Amigaguru

Aku Aku Temple – Amigaguru

Here is the official Raffle item on Facebook.

Check the video below and hit that Like button…

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11 thoughts on “A Fan-tastic Crash Bandicoot Collectible

  1. superb

  2. BLOODY F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

  3. Awesome! So..lovely.

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