A look At Final Fantasy XIV : Heavensward – Collector’s Edition


A lot of people ask me, which game is the most expensive one in your collection? , which one do you think is the most valuable? , is there one that you would never part with? 

Well, i must admit that most of the games i think have most value ain’t on the PS4 at all, but i do have a few special ones and this is Final Fantasy box is one of them. I do not know how rare or limited it really is due to it being rather new and that the publisher sent it to me as a freebie early last year. I mean, maybe they overproduced them and had to empty their warehouses, that said i still feel special for getting one of these collectables from them.

So let’s have a look at one of my favourites on PS4, collectable wise of course.


Look at this lovely box, i am sure a lot of people have thrown their box away already but i will never do that for sure, yes i find it pretty darn special and there’s nothing like it in my collection. A standard brown cardboard storage box but with proper details and so on it, i will be very surprised if this won’t be a sought-after item in a few years time.

So, is everything else in the box brown too then?


The front side of the collector’s box looks like this, lovely FF art style and a mighty cool design as always, even better is that the box have different art on all sides of the box.

The backside of the box, everything in Asian language sadly but it looks absolutely fantastic.

Dragon’s everywhere.


Another side of the box, yup it would look amazing on just about any shelf in my game room.


There is another box inside, this is the actual display case which has 2 “doors” on the front which you open sideways. 

The box design is very stylish yet simplistic.

Here you can see the doors open, showcasing yet another box of course.

The design of the doors are pretty good and it looks quite nice in both open and closed positions. A proper display box this one alright.DSC_4653

This is the backside of the display box, it would have been too simple without a dragon picture on it of course, so they added one which i have to add that looks incredible!.


The figurine included is a dragon of course, it is pretty small and a bit of a let down compared to what i expected at first, but once i looked at the whole picture of the package then i have to admit that i really like it. 


Here’s a picture of the figurine, awesome looking one with stunning details and colours.

Click on the pictures for larger ones, the details are absolutely stunning.

It is at times that these that i wish i had a better lens on my camera, zooming ain’t perfect on the one i have for now (30-300), but the quality is much better than many other pictures out there of this collection.

DSC_4678 DSC_4679

A huge artbook is also in the box, the design of the book is close to the box and yes it does indeed look absolutely impeccable, more pictures follow below.

Variation in the book is good, with lots of awesome pictures and also the usual landscapes and such that can be found in most FF books. Pristine print quality, thick photo paper and a lot of pages make this one of my favourites collectables.

The Final Fantasy XIV movie is included in the box too, same with the updated game.

Everything is in Jap and totally unreadable and not understandable for me, but as a collectable it is fine and yes i already got the normal XIV edition with DLC update to Heavensword and i am not missing out here.


A beautiful card, the same art as on the back of the box. Very slick.

09So that’s it, this is all that is in the box and while i expected the figurine to be larger i still have to say that the whole package feels epic and of solid quality, i do not know the actual price tag of it but i am sure it is cheaper than it actually feels. This is a proper collectable for Final Fantasy fans, a true collectable.

Will, it ever go rare, or maybe it is already rare?.  I do not care really as this one is a keeper for sure.

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6 thoughts on “A look At Final Fantasy XIV : Heavensward – Collector’s Edition

  1. I remember you sending me pictures of this before, but the details shown in this article are really stunning. As a matter of fact, FFXIV is the one that took me back to the saga since “Chapter 13” was feeling too much on rails and, even if I did completed it, I never really enjoyed it.
    I played most of FFXIV (probably 2/3rds of the game) but the fact that it requires a monthly fee really turns me down: it’s not the money in itself but the lack of spare time, resulting in me paying for a service that I cannot use.
    Anyway, congratulations for this awesome collectible. I really envy you now! 🙂

    Btw: are you planning a FF15 review? I still have some time before I complete the game (now at the beginning of the last chapter, 55 hours into the game and level 61).

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