Another LootGaming/Crate article eh? , yup yet again i somehow managed to get caught up by other stuff so that my article backlog is yet again insanely outdated.

I have a few more crates on the back burner before i am up to date, so i will try and get them out in the next few days.


This December crate was actually in my possession back when i wrote the two other LC articles, i planned on waiting a bit before i posted this to not overload the site with boring crate unboxing stuff….   sadly, it happened anyway due to me being a bit inactive again, oops.

Loot Crates finally became fun again now when i all of a sudden get this new LOOTGAMING model too.


The T-shirt on top bears some familiar colours!, even me as a none XBOX fan knows that branding without even take a second look, lots of people will be happy with this one for sure.

Yup, it’s an N7 T-shirt indeed. To those who don’t know what that means… Well, it’s from the MASS EFFECT games from BIOWARE. To some people this is the best game trilogy ever to grace a console, i am not one of those though as i never got bitten by the ME bug even though i bought one and got another free via PS+ some years back.

For reference, Mass Effect was Xbox 360 exclusive for some years and one of the highest acclaimed titles on the console, a PS3 port happened eventually when the IP became multiplatform but the franchise is still most remembered as an Xbox 360 title.DSC_0056

So what’s this then? well, it is a figurine silly…  For some reason, i ripped the box to shreds while opening it. I have no pictures of the box it came in, haha talk about being ecstatic when you see something you like.

Oh and yes, it is actually an XCOM 2 figurine

.So just pretend there’s a box around the thing…mmmkay?

The Xcom 2 figurine is pretty good, lots of cool small details here and there, i love the colour gradients use.  Looks creepy without being scary, and even if it looks “cheap” with its thin legs it’s still solid.

It took me less than 3 seconds to find the perfect shelf for it.


Huge surprise this one, i love the R&C franchise and this is actually a franchise i put on the wish list on those monthly loot crates question forms many times.

Solid box, a proper collectable this one.

So what’s inside you say? it’s a ballpoint pen actually, formed like a spanner.

It looks incredible, feels solid too and while it sucks as a writing tool i still have to say that this is something every R&C fan out there needs!.

Supposedly there are 6 other spanner models out there, from where people get them i do not know though.


A scarf? , its wintertime so what’s better than wrapping yourself up with a proper gamer scarf…  Well, i never use these things so for me it is actually useless, it will be a gift for someone in the future.


Oh, i forgot to mention that the scarf was a DESTINY scarf, you know… from the somewhat famous company called Bungie.

I won’t wear it anyway tho.


The Lootgaming pin for December 2016, SPACE themed one, a really cool looking space shuttle /NASA inspired.  Yet again really happy that i decided to collect these things, 2016 have been an incredible year for pins (2015 wasn’t.).DSC_0068

Huge poster again, space-themed and right now i am not sure if it is a franchise or not. It looks good though and i am sure a lot of people would put it up on the wall…  but as you probably know, all my walls are covered with game boxes.


The backside of the poster is the inventory list of the crate this month, a really good idea and concept and i prefer this much more than those booklets/flyers thingies which are used in the standard Loot Crates.


Here you can see everything from the crate in one shot, i remembered to fold the actual crate box too before doing a picture this time, it sucks when you forget to do it before you throw it out…  Yup, i do not collect the actual boxes, while some are cool most are not.

09This months crate was brilliant again, the figurine was absolutely brilliant and that R&C pen is nothing less than stellar…  that t-shirt will make a lot of fans happy too

LOOTGAMING has made Loot crate fun again, very fun.

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