It is almost here: GR2, the sequel of the excellent PS Vita game produced by Sony Japan Studio, is about to hit the stores near you.
As in the previous game you’ll take on the role of Kat, a girl able to manipulate gravity in order to find a mean to protect her future in a world that’s falling apart.

GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107111302 GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107111650

This time the game is out for PS4, a choice probably meant to give it more visibility, since the Vita market is always struggling, at least in this part of the world.

GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107111416

As said, Kat is able to manipulate gravity at her will and in the demo you will have the chance to try out 2 different paths: the “easy” one, containing a tutorial for people not acquainted to live in an upside-down world, and an “expert” one, designed for people who have completed the first game or just want to experiment with gravity changes.

GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107112003GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107113443

Despite not being a fan of the saga (better said: yet another game that I like but I don’t have the time to play), I eagerly downloaded and played the demo multiple times: it looks very well done, consistent with its predecessor, intense, colourful and fun to watch and play. What I enjoy, besides the anime visual and the manga-style cut-scenes, is the extreme freedom of movement across the entire world.

GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107111130 GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107111112

GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107115637 GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107115654

Also, when engaging gravity in combat, all the things (and people …) near you will start to float in mid-air and objects will credibly break and crumble whenever you throw them at enemies.

GRAVITY RUSH™2 DEMO_20170107111950

The game is out next January 20th and, in the meantime, you can either play the demo or watch the anime that fills the gap between the two games. Here is the official anime teaser.

Thank you for playing.
Thank you for playing.
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