A Look At PS5 Upcoming Titles-Part 1


During the world-wide event about the Future of Gaming during which the final look of the PS5 was revealed, Sony also unveiled a bunch of new titles (some of them cross-gen, some others next-gen focused) a brief selection of those is presented below. Videos and part of the wording are directly taken from the Official PlayStation Blog, so please refer to it for additional Infos and games since there are many other titles coming.

From BlueTwelve Studio / Annapurna here is Stray, the story of a little cat in a futuristic walled city, devoid of life, which befriends a sentient drone. The cat must find its way home, and perhaps help the city along the way. The peculiar look of the perfect Cyberpunk city is gonna make this title a must-buy for me.

Visually stunning despite its minimal look, produced by Heart Machine / Annapurna, here is Solar Ash, a journey through a surreal and vivid world filled with mystery, endearing characters, and massive enemy encounters across a vast open world.

From Shinji Mikami(this man needs no presentation) and the team at Tango Gameworks comes Ghostwire: Tokyo, a next-gen action-adventure game coming to consoles exclusively for PlayStation 5 in 2021. Tango Gameworks has taken full advantage of the power of the PS5’s next-gen hardware to create a stunning, immersive, and mysterious world to experience. Explore the streets of a city filled with spirits and mysterious otherworldly threats, with an arsenal of powerful abilities at your command.

Finally, to close this first part, let me introduce Pragmata, a thought-provoking game from Capcom scheduled for 2022.

As said, a wild bunch of new titles where disclosed. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will link some of the “meatier” ones. Thank you for reading.

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