There’s a saying that goes like “Good things come to those who wait” and in many cases, this is true too, but for me, this was not true at all with Syberia 3…

I guess this is where i have to mention that it ain’t the game that i am unhappy with… Well, i haven’t even installed the game yet and you will understand why very soon.

First of all, let’s start with the positive stuff.

Huge lovely box, awesome art, and a very clean look, sadly there is that FUGLY USK rating badge/logo (ARGH!) and yes it destroys the overall look for me.

The side art on the box is quite cool too, somewhat different from most other boxes i have and while i like it i also want to hate it a bit too.

The best part of the box design goes to the backside, and it just works!.  

Simplistic, easy to read and with pictures that you will remember.

On one of the sides you will find a picture with the stuff that is inside, well sort of….  mine did not look like this at least…

It all gets a hell’uva lot better once you get to this part, the main box, the same image as on the front but it looks so much better on this one, beautiful stuff.

The top of the box is gone here, a very good quality on the box here and everything is neatly put in place.

What is this then? a warning or an information card?

Looking inside the box, figurine insight…  It looks amazing!

But, hey… something seems off…


Not only is it broken but it’s broken in 2 places!.

The figurine died in transport, Kate’s shoes snapped straight off and same with Oskar’s arm.


There is no way to repair this, i tried fitting it together for pictures but without much luck, i am sure that not even glue can fix this one.

As you can see in the pictures here, even while i hold the pieces in place it still looks wrong.

Here are the only “ok” pictures i managed to make from the thingy, lovely style and all but the damage is done, it is broken and i can’t enjoy it even in this picture.

This has naturally destroyed my lust for playing the full game now, i will have to wait a while before i try the game for sure or it will ruin everything.

It’s been on my shelf now (the game) for several months already and will continue to do so for quite some time still. (sorry).

I guess i could ask for a new figurine… but i guess my chances are very slim!.

A poster is included in the box, same picture as seen earlier in the post.

A Comic? , pretty damn cool too even is also part of this C.E.

Two languages, English and French. Flip’n turn type.

The comic is really good looking and in fear of spoilers i decided to not read it just yet… as in before i try the actual game that is…

The paper quality and print are much better than expected too.

There are a few cards included too in the package, awesome print quality as well as paper quality.

This is the second art card, hand drawn and black and white pencil stuff, brilliant stuff and a nice little “out of the ordinary” item.

Artbook!, woohoo, a very wide book, solid quality too.

Print and paper quality is above expectations and all in all a very good item, maybe the highlight of the whole package. 

Yet again that cover picture is used, yes, just about every item got it and to be honest i am kinda sick of it now.  -Good looking box although some variation would’ve been nice.

Syberia 3 CE could have been fantastic but what happened? a broken item in the box more or less made me ignoring the game for far too long. I will return to the game (and box) one day, hopefully, the game will deliver the full experience and not remind me every 2 seconds about the broken figurine.

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