A Look At The Two Bloodborne Collector’s Editions


It is no news that I am a huge fan of Bloodborne, so why on earth haven’t I bragged about my collectables for it?. Well, i forgot all about it because I was too busy playing the game.

Bloodborne is one of the best games I have ever tried, it is in my top 20 of all time list, and I have played several thousand games since the early 80’s.


I have yet to find some amazing huge mother of all Collector Edition boxes so, for now, I have to settle for these two cool ones for now (probably forever).

So, I have the EU version of the first edition from last year and the Japanese/HKN The Old Hunter edition which came out this year.

The Old Hunter Edition box is a bit peculiar really, there’s one of those paper sleeve things that ain’t glued, fair enough, but the box is mirrored, the content of the box slides out of the left side of the box instead of the right one.

Maybe this is an Asian thing since they read from right to left, that said, I have never seen a game box like this before.

The backside of the box is entirely in Japanese and that is a bit sad really, oh well it is a collectable nonetheless.


This picture shows the contents on the right side of the box, but it as actually a trick as the actual cover you see is the backside of it (paper sleeve removed).


A guidebook is part of the collector box,.

Just looking at the cover gives me shivers.

Yup, everything is in Japanese, sad but true.

I kind of knew about this when I bought the game (CE), but I just had to buy it for collecting purposes.

So, here I am, I have a very detailed guidebook which I can’t get a single hint out of.


This is the actual box, no Steelbook, nothing spectacular at all about it. 

It is just a generic Jap box, bummer.


Bloodborne Mini Soundtrack, what on earth is mini about it?.

I won’t open this one, for now, the reason for this is that I have the OST on mp3 from earlier so it ain’t a biggie for now.


Here you can see it in all its glory, it is a fine box with great art and I think it justifies the price and the game, naturally, i wish I would find the premium edition one day, well for a normal price tag that is.


Here is the first edition from last year, common enough I guess although I am sure it will disappear from the shops at one point like the Dark Souls 1+2 L.E editions, which will raise the value a bit.

A small but wonderful artbook is included, this is just a snip out of the A4 hardcover art book, which was only available for a very short time at Amazon back in March last year (Sold out).


The Bloodborne Steelbook, it is absolutely brilliant!. It is one of those covers that you will have on display just to make your friends say wow/OMG etc.

This Steelbook alone is enough to justify the price tag of the Collectors Edition box.


Here is all there is in the box, not all that much but still a very worthwhile collection nonetheless.


Here’s both of them pictured, both items are invaluable to me as a fan of the game and I can only hope to find more versions/ collectables of the game.

I have some other collectables for the game, but I forgot to do pictures of them before I stashed them away for safekeeping. I will do pictures of them at one point, but it will have to wait until I figure out a way to solve my “space” problem in my game room.

09I have started Dark Souls III, and while I love it I still prefer Bloodborne by a mile, a Dark Souls III unboxing will be published soon because I already did the pictures a few weeks back.

Now, let’s sit back and wait for Bloodborne 2, there better be one in development or else!…

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