If there is a title that needs no presentation not only to the Amiga fans but to any game player worldwide that is, for sure, The Secret of Monkey Island. Released in the October of 1990 for many different platforms (and many others since), this LucasFilm Games production set new standards on how a story-driven game should be conceived and produced. Following the actions of a naive young man (Guybrush Threepwood) that wanted to become a pirate, the player would live a mindblowing and entertaining story set in the Caribbeans during the age of piracy.

Based on the famous SCUMM engine, which was heavily modified to include a more user-friendly interface, the game was a masterpiece of humor, graphics, visuals and gameplay to the point that even today developers keep inspiring their works to TSoMI. Definitely ranking among the greatest video games of all time, Monkey Island was also the first of sequels collectively known today as the Monkey Island series.

There would be way too much to say about this game but, if you are here, you aren’t certainly new to it. For this reason, please allow me to close the article with a quote, once again taken from Martin Grundy calendars 2021:

If this review seems just too enthusiastic, there is a very good reason for it. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed playing a computer game so much. Even the fighting sequences are done with flair, insults being much more important than sword-fighting skills. For sheer enjoyment and general all-round perfection The Secret Of Monkey Island creams’ em all in style. I just can’t wait for the sequel. – Amiga Power, June 1991, 90%.

Images courtesy of LemonAmiga.

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3 thoughts on “A Look At The Secret Of Monkey Island

    1. Hello, yeah the facebook and twitter comment system stopped working for a few years and i couldn’t figure out why…until recently.

      Great game alright!

  1. This is pretty much where video gaming began for me … Point’n’clicks like Monkey Island, but mostly Day of the Tentacle and later on Sam & Max. I still run them from time to time for the nostalgia and see if I remember the enigmas correctly!

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