As stated on their main page, China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy for short) is the most influential event in the global digital entertainment industry. Usually held in late July in the coastal cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, China, the fair attracts a very large crowd with hundreds of different events. SONY was indeed there, and a few very promising titles (that we sure hope to see with a Western release soon) were shown to the public. Among them, I selected the following two, obviously chosen because featuring my favorite genre: cyberpunk (or so… LOL!).

The first one is F.I.S.T., a Metroidvania-like software from TiGames,  where the player wears the shoes of a … rabbit (WTF?). Nonetheless, this bad-ass character will make good use of a weaponized robotic-arm to seek and destroy a dieselpunk world populated by evil robots.

The second (and for the time being last) game I selected is ANNO: Mutantionem, a  full cyberpunk RPG (developed by ThinkingStars) rendered with a very effective mix of pixel art and 3D graphics. I don’t know about you, but a game which starts with an obvious reference to the original Ghost In The Shell animated movie is almost an instant buy.

During SONY press release, other games were of course unveiled, but they mostly have a different theme, so they will have to wait for another article to come at you. Have a nice one!

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