It’s not often that we do videos here on the blog and even more so interviews, but this one is worth it and that goes for the whole concept of the channel too.

The team behind this is People Make Games and with just a few videos so far they have shown that they do things differently to others and that made things so much more fun to watch. 

This interview is hopefully the first of many to come and to start with Peter Molyneux was probably a smart move, they certainly delivered a very fun to watch and interesting video and more so one that got me interested in the channel and people behind it.

Most veterans in the industry know how hard it is to work on some games when their PR manager hype their games way too early (or even at all) and so on. Peter has done his fair share of missteps in the past, but that makes him just even more interesting to watch in my humble opinion anyway.

I met Peter at a show many years ago (right around the Theme Park launch IIRC) and it is amazing to see how passionate he still is about games and even more so about designing them, a very likeable person and easy to talk to.

For some reason, neither Syndicate nor Theme Park was mentioned in the video which is a bit odd but I guess these were Mike Diskett’s games more than Peter’s.

Enjoy the Video by People Make Games and give them a subscribe if you like.

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