Amiga Game Review Of The New Strip Poker Game – Dream Girls


Dream Girls came out earlier this year and while I got excited it seems it never reached the kind of status a STRIP POKER game should have reached…

It must have been like 20 years since the last time we saw a game like this on the Amiga, and while the market might be tiny for such a game on our beloved machine there was still quite a bit of excitement coming from me for this one :p

HAM8, 75 Pictures, HDD Support, Animated Girls

Poker Nights: Teresa Personally is a port of the PC version from 1993 but as some might notice, this game was actually on Amiga (1994) too but there was no English version and it didn’t really take any advantage of the Amiga hardware which means the PC version was much better and the Amiga version got quickly forgotten which was a bit unfair since the Amiga would have easily handled this game.

This new version which is called Dream Girls – Poker Nights has a lot of new features over the old Amiga version like 3 new opponents (girls) who actually have different skill levels.

The game got a total of 75 pictures in the HAM6 format, there are also animated strip sequences that could easily turn anyone on.

I am not entirely sure but as I remember it this game has always been hard drive installable but it is listed for Dream Girls as a new feature.

There’s also a new logo and title screen as well as a few workbench icons in various sizes to please most of us.

This version also comes in both English and German which is cool as the original Amiga release had only a German version and an unofficial polish version.

If you suck at poker then there’s also a trainer available for the game, but honestly, I felt the game was awfully easy anyway and a cheat was out of the question.

AmiGameJam 2021

Dream Girls works on every Amiga with 1MB Chipram and Kickstart 2.0 or higher which I guess most out there got by now.

The game is easy to run under emulation too, ran pretty well on my Pegasos with UAE too (where a lot of games certainly run under par).

Dream Girls Amiga port was part of the AmiGameJam 2021 project (see all entries here).

The game also comes with a Jewel Case standardized cover that you can print out yourself, it is available as pictures but also inside a . PDF file.


The game is free and sadly not available as a physical big box release as it would most certainly have looked awesome on my top shelf 😉

The developers have also put out a message that if enough people request the 2 other releases Poker Nights games “Tropical Heat” and “Backdoor Club”

then they would do Amiga ports of those too (I hereby request them :p).

The final verdict Is hard to do as, well, if it had been released in the early 90s then this game would have made a lot of people happy for sure and now I honestly don’t think there is a market for these things as most if not all of us are old gits and got a partner and kids, that said, as a curiosity and an update of an already released game this is most certainly welcome to most, heck it looks better and it also got features that should have been in the original release which means that it is worth it. I hope they continue this trend and release the two other games and bring us what should have been done in the first place by VTO back in the day.

Direct Download for OCS/ECS and AGA versions can be found here!

Video below, NB: naughty naughty.


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