You know how much I love this franchise, spreading on our beloved consoles since the PS2 old times. In the last few years many some titles have been ported, some where brand new, like the outstanding Yakuza 6, others never made it out of Japan. What’s worst is that not always the games received the translation/localization they deserved. All of this is part of the past now, since the upcoming Yakuza Remastered Collection brings the final missing chapters in Kiryu’s story to the PlayStation 4.

This phisical collector’s edition is spread on two discs, the first one of them including the third and the forth chapter of the saga. Also, it sports Yakuza 5 plastic case, since this game only came out as a digital download in the Western World. This beauty is due in a few days and it will see the light next February 11th. How can I resist?

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4 thoughts on “Announcing A Yakuza Game. Again!

  1. Yes I have been waiting for the physical edition… I decided to not buy it digitally due to the fact that that is what I did with Y5 on the PS3 and I still haven’t played it…. and that was like 3-4 years ago?

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