As you can see from the featured image, this post should have been about Gamescom 2019. The German show (which I MUST attend, sooner or later), is often full of surprises despite the fact that it comes only a couple of months after the E3. It was a blast last year when we covered some of it with this article, and it was a blast even this time when new games for all platforms have been presented.

Despite these new titles and a full-fledged section dedicated to various retro gaming platforms and accessories, I decided not to go in deep about the convention. The reason for this weird behavior is that IMHO, nothing can at the moment be compared with the latest Death Stranding gameplay videos shown a few days ago. As you all know, the latest Kojima production is one the most, if not THE most wanted title of the moment. Mr. Kojima is indeed a genius and, if you played at least one of his past games, you know what I mean. So, without further ado, please watch the following two videos I linked below. It is not a matter of sci-fi story, or incredible motion captures, or stunning visuals: it is a matter of potentially defining an entirely new genre, after years of stagnation.

Can you wait till November 8?

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