Crash bandicoot PS4

The time when Naughty Dog did the first Crash Bandicoot games are long gone, heck it must be like 20 years now since i tried the first one. 

Crash Bandicoot has to be one of my most loved franchises, not only was the five games on PSone like perfect, i am actually one of those who loved most of the games that came out on the PS2 too.

It is now well over 15 months since i last posted anything about the new game, well the game for PS4 anyway, little did we know back then how all the rumours would come to fruition and a few more just added for fun.


Well, as most know by now is that it is actually the first three PSone games that are being remastered by the awesome guys at Vicarious Visions for the PlayStation 4.


The games look incredibly detailed and cleaned up, it is just like you remember them looking like so when you see the new gfx you go like, hmm did they do anything at all?.

Well, they did a lot actually, details are still scarce albeit more and more stuff is coming each week now and yes the game is only a mere month away from release now.

Crash Bandicoot PS4

The best thing about the series, especially the very 3 first games is that they never did actually get dated/old as they just managed to do that little-known mix between 3D and 2D that so many games on the PSone never did which now looks like turds sadly.

Even the 2D parts look and feel spot on, we have yet to see the more pushings ones but i have a feeling it will be just as good as what we have already seen.

Here you can see the original, looks exactly like the new one?… well, not when you compare the pictures i guess, but it did before you saw these images right?. So my point still stands i guess, as long as it doesn’t get too sterile in this remake that is.

Here is another thing, you know, when you update old games then why not update the rest too and not just the game?

This is the PS4 version of the cover art from the very first game.

I look really good if you ask me…

What is missing here then? ah yes… Sony and Naughty Dog logos and such, i want one of these printed on a proper embossed art card, hell I’ll take one of each and every game made in the series!.

Here is the PS4 box for the second game, it is exactly the same as the original PSone version albeit yet very different.

It is quite funny how it plays with your mind and all, let’s just say that.. it may look the same but it is not .. ok, check this picture.



The third cover does the exact thing…

This is the third game, i always remembered the cover to be like this but no, it doesn’t look like this… well it does but it doesn’t if you know what i mean…


The new boxes are kinda moot indeed as every game is included on the same disc in the same package but these will fit perfectly in a menu selector or as postcards or even art cards for a Limited Edition version and so on.

What an insane year this has been, it went from rumour to rumour and now it looks like the actual thing is even getting released without any problems what so ever.  The release date over here is the 30th of June 2017, for some odd reason that is the same day as i take my summer vacation… *wink* *wink*

2017 looks like it will be a proper year of a win for classic remakes, in case you missed out… WipEout collection due next week, Loco Roco came out a month ago and Parappa a month before that!…. Oh, and yes, even a Patapon remake is due this year.

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12 thoughts on “Crash Bandicoot N-Sane New Cover Art

    1. Oh yes ?.

      That said.. as soon as i hit publish then Push Square decided to press publish too… on a friggin playtrough of 3 levels of crash 3 remake :-(. ?. I too want!!! Hehe

    1. Good valid point Ben, well i got a few excuses… no psone support on the ps4, my indiego have not been good to me and the lens on my ps2 is broken:)

      That said, i will take the grey one out soon and we will see what happens, playing with the dpad is something even i struggle with today..

    2. yeah, hence why they keep releasing PS2 “remasters” and make you pay to stream PS3 games on Playstation Now.
      The PS4 can play everything, they just won’t let you do it. Lol

    3. Most of them are just emulation though. There have been a handful of releases that actually gave the games a face-lift, but with something like Resident Evil Code Veronica they are releasing the old PS2 one on the PS4 through emulation rather than the HD version the PS3 had. Doesn’t make any sense.

    4. So true, but then again it is third party game mostly that got the odd version here and there… well, except for the upcoming jak and daxter games will be the ps2 games and not the wonderful ps3 remasters

    5. That’s what I mean – they should at least utilise the PS3 emulation rather than the PS2 ones all the time, otherwise last gen is getting superior releases.

    6. Yup, but it all boils down to ip , money and trademarks for sure.

      I guess we will know more soon, i atleast very gratefull for many of the ps2 ports, not all but manyso far:)

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