Death Stranding Release Date Reveal Trailer – PS4

A lot, really a lot, has been speculated about this upcoming title from Kojima Productions. Now, a brand new trailer including gameplay mechanics and release date has surfaced on the web. No words can explain the experience better than the trailer in itself, so I only have one question for you guys: are you ready for November 8, 2019?

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4 thoughts on “Death Stranding Release Date Reveal Trailer – PS4

  1. Orbstah

    What can I say, just wow.
    I know kojima is a pain Nd doesn’t rush things, but this time he has been left to his own devices and he’s crafted something extraordinary.
    I will pre order for sure.
    What a reveal too, was watching one guy waiting hours for it. But when it came it was sooo worth it. Gosh I’m excited already.
    All I can say is there better be a cardboard box in there somewhere lol

  2. JohnHorseman

    Only thing Konami can do without The Genius is awfull MGS(survive) . They are absolutely helpless without Kojima.

    • yeah, it is sad how far they have gone without doing anything remotely interesting for years 🙁

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