I promised myself to never start a post with “IS GAME ART?” and yet i really did want to type just that a few seconds ago, anyways to me game can be ART and sometimes i think games can be more of an ART than for instance some idiotic painter who just threw a bucket at a wall and get people to say “WOOOAH, this is how i feel my life is, your picture is alive, i want to cry now” and so on….
I don’t know but art comes in many flavors and if a movie or a picture or a theatrical play and so on then why can’t games be ART too?.
I have tried and loved many games over the years and just to name a few i like to call art is easy but the first one that springs to mind has to be Shadow Of The Colossus on the PS2 and another one would be Journey on the PS3.. these games are so vivid that i just had to stop and watch the game playing itself in “screensaver ” style… the music, sound, and visuals just goes above every other artistic thing i have ever seen.

Anyways.. the reason i am on the ART train in this post is that of a new game that was released last week for the PS4, a game that i had not heard of before at all, somehow it feels like if i am losing my focus on upcoming games.
Entwined is a peculiar game, pictures of it look amazing and it moves amazingly too but the gameplay is not what i expected it to be as it turned out the game was more about “analog stick sync” than actually having fun flying around and making havoc or whatever. The gameplay is actually disturbing, i mean the controls are ok as you’re not doing much else than rotating the analog sticks to fit the pattern/colors ahead (right stick blue, left is yellow) but it all turns quite tiresome after a while and it feels like a job, not a particularly good sales pitch for a game…
Ok, do not get me wrong here as the game itself will surely be played by me and many others as it is cool to watch and it plays wonderfully and i just love “tunnel ‘esc” games and effects…
Entwined is a bit like the PSN game “The Unfinished Swan” for me, i mean.. it’s got something and i am sure many can spot it or feel it but i have no idea what they find here as the game did nothing to me nor my feelings while playing it, i will try it more eventually and i will do a video with some speech etc so you guys can get the feeling of it all..

Support the developers by buying it or by checking forums and so on, check their website and give them feedback, they deserve it and i am 100% certain that the people behind this will have a new game soon enough and i bet that will even better… only time will tell.

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