Equilibrio Amiga

There have been quite a few games out on the Amiga the last month, i have been planning to do articles about them but it’s been too crowded with the console stuff lately which means that i had to do some priorities but that doesn’t mean that i have been ignoring the Amiga.

Equilibrio Amiga

Equilibrio Features:

Simple and intuitive game,5 types of balls,64 levels (ranging from easy to hardcore difficulty),Original music tunes,25 trophies with unlockable prizes,Highscore table,Support of 6 languages,Extension pack of levels planned,Level editing tools,High resolution.

The game itself is pretty straightforward and it’s probably based on the Coin-op game Camel Try or maybe the 1992/3 Amiga game Bob’s Bad Day, you have a ball and to move it around you need to rotate the screen and as in both games i mentioned earlier it can get really fast, too fast in fact and most likely die.

To Quote the developers, you have 5 types of balls and while that might sound hilarious…

The balls (sigh) range from “wood” to steal, see. THIS IS HARD!.. ack! i did it again!, anyway it just means that the ball is harder to control (sigh) and will require more precise rotating and navigating to get to the end of the level, there’s jumps, traps, holes and so on, and the ball of steel might be both positive and negative at the same time…

There is bonus stuff to gather and many of them are placed in spots that will take a lot of retries to figure out how, why and where.

Loads of different level themes and with mazes to match.

Equilibrio Amiga

The graphics and sound in the game are quite good, and the 3d is fast, really fast and even fast on the slowest OS4 hardware.

There is no sound scratching or such either, we have seen games and demos at this speed before but then the sound has been a bit iffy at times (even it’s been bearly noticeable for most people).

The actual Amiga Port is great, i have yet to see problems with it and i have played about 30 levels or so now, physics feels good, the graphics have no glitches, and there is no screen lag even in full resolution with widescreen in WB window mode.

The most negative thing i have to say about this title is that i think it’s time to unite trophies-/achivements into 1 system and i hope someone will take the initiative to host and serve such a solution (like Amiboing.de).

I have tried the game on the Sam440 (basic) and on the A1XE G4 (Radeon 9250+sblive+512mb).

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