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1274, Japanese island of Tsushima (対馬).  A small group of 80 Samurais guards the Island against the foreign invasions when an enemy fleet is spotted in the distance. The ships belong to the Mongolian Empire, which has now decided to invade Japan and to use the island as a key enabler for their actions.

The Samurais show no fear, but the Mongolian forces are overwhelming.

Against a ruthless and disrespectful enemy there’s no turning back and, even though the odds are painstakingly low, our heroes decide to charge …

… only to end up defeated…

Left for dead on the battlefield, and apparently a sole survivor, Jin Sakai (our avatar) is rescued and cured by a female villager. Despite her appearance, there is much more than meet the eyes here, since very soon she’ll prove to be a very clever archer. Your first mission is to retrieve your armor and your sword …

The second one will be to rescue your Uncle since it seems he was left alive by the Mongols in the attempt to extract useful information for the following invasion of Japan mainland.

What follows is just two minutes of real gameplay, where I also selected the “Kurosawa mode” for some intense, samurai-movie action.

Your journey has just started. Will you be able to take your land back? Will you be able to fight against groups of enemies that totally overpower you? Will you remain faithful to your samurai creed, or will you have to change tactics and, with them, to change your soul, turning yourself into something else? Only time will tell.

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