A lot of talk remakes and retro talk on this blog lately and yet again it’s time to write some more about old games being recreated+/ported or whatever to new formats.
The Last Of Us was released last summer and to many (including me) it has to be one of the best games ever so it was basically a given that there would be a PS4 game in the series soon after the launch of the console and while it took nearly a year it is still a very welcome game and that is enough for most even if it is just the same game + better gfx the DLC and a photo mode oh and 60fps…
I had it on pre-order and like most games today i just grab em online but every now and then i get mad at myself for doing such as there have been 2 special editions of TLOU released for the PS4 and i never got to see any of them… BAH! (I LOVE GAME BOXES and those PS4 SE boxes would look awesome next to my PS3 TLOU special boxes!!!!)..

Anyways, this remaster is just a taste of what to come in the next years of the PS4 as yes the game looked amazing on the PS3 but on the PS4 it looks better, much better and with that i mean the fps and how it’s all done and while playing the PS4 version i somewhat get the feeling that this game was meant for the PS4 but then again the PS3 version was next to flawless for me too so all in all i can just say that these 2 versions are simply mindblowing and to people who have ignored them until now should just jump in now and stop being twats!.

I tried the Online in the game and it is good and the FPS is simply amazing, no slowdowns there either but there were simply too few games for party players so far but there was a lot of games for the normal non-party/friends games… i wish TLOU 2 will get a co-op online or whatever… but better online anyway for friends and party.

As for the game, i haven’t completed it yet… no idea why but i suck at it…i keep dying.. seriously..i have died over 100 times so far and yes i am playing on hard but still!… it just feels so much harder on the PS4….. i will use the time needed for sure but aaaaaaaragh!.

Catch ya all later.

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