You know, well those that know me anyways, know ive been in this scene for longer than i care to mention. And i enjoy all gaming platforms and the like and really, i have no personal preference for any machine, even though amiga is in my soul next to speccy.

I been playing the latest and greatest games recently from GOW to destiny 2 gosh even the turd that is fortnite i have played.

All that aside, im finding myself installing very old games indeed and sitting playing them for hours.

Im enjoying them much more than the recent offerings and playing for longer and more intensley.

For example shadow man has stolen 10 hours of my life over last 2 days and black and white has stolen 35 + over last week.

I know it doesnt sound a lot but ibwork a long job have kids and a life to run so 45 hours gaming a week is a lot for me recently.

I just dont understand why im enjoying them. Do you think its because they just are better games or that i grew into this scene playing them? I dont know but 3 hours of wizzball and 2 hours of head over heals and gosh im having a ball. Might even set the uae up so i can do some project x or slam tilt as thats were i fancy going next.

Its a weird thing you know i have AC to play still sealed and the destiny 2 forsaken upgrade to play but i just cant be bothered with them at moment.

Maybe i miss my childhood and this justbreminds me imrunning at break neck speeds to 50 years old. Im gonna game till i die or cant remeber who i am lol. But  Recently its all been a bit weird.

But i do love it.

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5 thoughts on “I Think It Is My Age

  1. How odd, a post from Mark :O

    must be 2 years since last time? 🙂

    i put in a picture on the top for you m8, just so it looks better in the shares.

    Old games to me is old games really, yes the rose tinted glass are deep here and most old games from my childhood beats todays shit 😀

    1. Thanks for pic mate. Im a bit rusty. Had a long year and was pretty poor but nothing a can mention on a public chat looool

      1. Well, Mark, I am personally running toward 49 at break neck speed, so I know what you are talking about. LOL!

        Anyway, as Tony knows, I have been tinkering on 8-bit systems al lot too, in the past month. There are many reasons behind it, one of them being the fact that once I finished “Tomb Raider” and “Spider-Man” nothing else attacted my attention while waiting for “Ace Combat 7”. On the other hand, now that millions of useful info can be find over the internet, I can finally go back and try to do all the things I couldn’t do in the ’80s. As an example, I am starting to study 6502 Assembly. Back in the days I couldn’t find proper documentation here in Italy (manuals were obviously in english and most publisher wouldn’t import them), so now it’s like Heaven to me!!

        1. I almost forgot. We haven’t seen 2 articles in the same day in ages. With 10 articles in 13 days, 2019 couldn’t start better! Thank you for that too.

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