In Review: Loot Crate Subscription December 2016


Another outdated blog entry here, over a month on hold due to me focusing on other things. 

So here it is then, my little unboxing of a 2-month-old crate, enjoy what looks like could end up as one of the best Loot crates ever. 

A big box this month, it is Xmas so i expect something quite special in this one, last year we got an Xmas t-shirt (t-shirts was uncommon back then) and some other good stuff.

So will it have something Santa related stuff in it? let’s dive in and have a look, shall we?.

I can spot a t-shirt there, it doesn’t look like Santa from here…  Is that a new POP! figurine? , not my favourite series but i do have a niece who loves these ones…  

What the hell is this then? Is that Mr Robot? It says society, it is probably an acronym for something very nice and sweet right?.

Hardly the most inspiring tee i have seen, but… for some reason, people seem to love it.

A POP! figurine, a Loot Crate Assassin’s Creed one even, i am no fan of the POP! series to be honest, but i have to say that these are much better than some of the other ones that pop up in these crates every now and then.

One thing though, these things looks better inside their boxes than outside of it. Is that why every collector out there keep em in the box?

Not easy to add many awesome details to a bubble head you say?, well, I’d say there’s enough in here to like for most fans of either AC or the POP! series.

I will gift mine away to my niece.

OH MY GOD!, it is another full blown book. It is a book called FIGURE FANTASY.

I have no words here, it looks nothing less than stellar.  The style… the artwork.. the size, it is incredible!

I took 11 pictures of it… feels its too little, to be honest, it is incredible and pretty much perfect, last time i was this excited for a new book has to be a very long time ago.

I have to do a full scan of this book as i have a plan for the actual book.

No one told me that art could be so fun, stylish and down right odd that i can’t get enough of it.

A Firefly Patch, i love Firefly as most of my readers know by know so one would think that this patch would make me really happy, ok well yes umm i am happy but these patches thingies are so “80’s” that i am not sure what to do with em….  if you ever see me in a jeans jacket or whatever then let me know that i forgot to put the patch on it ok?…

It may look authentic, smell authentic and even taste the shit!…. sorry, it still looks really bad and for once for a change, this picture ain’t lying at all… it looks even worse than the picture.

Firefly i love you so much! the patch… not so much.

Fantastic pin this month again, Assassin’s Creed (movie) pin, REVOLUTION was a very fitting theme name this month indeed.

Come to think of it, there are actually TWO Assassin’s Creed items in this crate… what the hell…

This months leaflet/brochure teases with a Firefly section! ok, this is a win all by itself right?.

Sadly, some of the pictures i took are gone now but this has to be the first leaflet in ages that was actually a bit interesting… although, not interesting enough for me to do new pictures and what not. 

This is the best crate in a long long time for sure, yes it was because of the book and the pin indeed but, seriously… that book is mind boggling!.

So if i give the crate a 10 then that would be wrong too as the rest of the stuff ain’t that stellar although for others it probably is “in” with patches and POP! figurines…. so what to do then? Well, i will just do what i normally never do…..and that is…  

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