In Review: Loot Crate Subscription – May 2016


Another month and another delayed.. hey wait! , this crate review ain’t delayed!.

This month crate arrived last week and i did not open before today due to various reasons.

One of the reasons was of course that the quality of these crates has been quite up and down lately, but the main reason was…


Yup, the box arrived in this state, a mess and to be sure nothing was missing.

I also checked around if i might get a refund from the postal service.

I do not know which item to start with here, i guess i have seen all of them due to everything falling out while carrying the box the 30 something meters from my post office to the car and then from the car and into the house.


This months crate is a bit larger than the ones from the last few months, the reason the picture is like this is that i rotated the box to get a better picture, ups, everything fell out of it and the box is more broken than ever.

This crate looks quite good from here, hopefully, it ain’t just my eyes playing tricks on me.


I decided quickly to just scrap the box and do one by item instead of the “surprise, surprise” picture style that i have been doing for the last 8 months.

The box says, WATCH PLAY SHARE (blah blah) POWER.


Oh, a Q FIG again, it’s not been all that long ago since the last one but these things both look and feel better than many of the other figurines out there.

This months Q FIG is The Hulk from Marvel Avengers fame.

The figurine looks great, quality feels good too and it will sit perfectly next to my Deadpool one from an earlier Loot Crate.

I have never been a huge fan of the Hulk really, i never enjoyed any of the cartoons on tv etc.  The movies of the last decade have been rubbish too if you ask me, that said he is good in the Avengers movie.

Next up is a plush toy, A dragonball Z one to be exact.

I have never followed the series although i did buy a game for the PS3, it is still in my backlog after all these years.

Cool looking one, although no idea if it is true to the series or not.

The plush toys from these loot crates have never been a big thing for me really, but i have given a few away to friends etc, they like these things and i am sure this one will be no exception.

WHAT? , haha, this item is actually an “Oven mitt” which looks like an Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel universe too, found in various movies/cartoons.

Ace looking oven mitt for sure and it is a keeper for sure, my sister is a huge Marvel fan so i might give her this next time she visits.

This item alone makes this Loot Crate worthwhile.

When Loot Crate announced that every crate from january 2016 would come with a t-shirt was one of the best news to me regarding these crates.

This months t-shirt is a Warcraft shirt, probably connected to the movie release, but since i am not a fan (ended after Warcraft 2) i do not know for sure.

Great quality as always, i will wear this as always.


So, this months theme is in fact POWER, a suiting name for the crate.

The pin is very good like every pin since January 2016, embossed and colourful.

This stays in my collection for sure.

I guess i could just copy-paste this leaflet/pamphlet etc line into every crate review, but no i try to make the blog personal so i try to write something about all the items although that ain’t easy sometimes.


So here you see everything from the May 2016 – Loot Crate, definitely one of the better ones lately, just about everything in here is of interest to me and although that plush toy won’t stay in my home for long i still think it deserves some kind words.

08 I am not sure what to say about the service anymore, there is so much filler, although it is cheap ($20 USD) and even though i get these for free i still have to wonder how many subscribers they lose every month.

This crate shows how it should be, well for me anyway and while i love the “surprise/its Christmas feeling” moment when opening a new crate i feel it lost its magic a while back for me.

Loot Crate May 2016, a good crate with very little filler and useless crap.

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