The bat is ready, it has spikes and it has an electro mod and i will take no hostages as this is gonna be a battle of the gods , yep i have prepped for the PS4 Launch this upcoming Friday and it looks like there will be less than 10 consoles available for sale on release day here in my city (approx 35.000 potential customers) and for other peoples sake they better decide to stay at home and eat their breakfast instead of pestering me in the queue.

I have loads of friends who got one already and they like it but is that because it is a brand new toy or is it because it is AMAZING!!!!!? , time will tell and since i have a 100+ game backlog that i need to kill on the PS3 first… should i get a PS4 now? , damn this is hard shiznitz! ah and the worst thing… i still play Defiance …. will the PS4 take over my PS3 and all the games there?.

Time will tell but one thing is for sure, i will try to be customer 1 on Friday as they get launch gizmos!.

So, what about you? will you get one?

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