New logo,new image style..

First of all i must say that this is not really a RANT but more of a “HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO?” post, game developers these days seem to listen to all the users around the world who’s asking for remakes and sequels to old classic games and many of them being Amiga games, awesome that they listen and even cooler is that they get the old developers onboard but as most things….things get old, people get tired and projects end up getting soulless.

I am all for getting remakes, lately we have had re-incarnations of Giana Sisters, Superfrog, Alien Breed, Duck Tales, Mickey Mouse and while they have been good if not great games they still felt…empty at times, it’s hard to explain but it’s like the developer forgot what made the games good in the first place, have a look at super-frog had on the ps3…. it feels so wrong but on the vita it fits good!, mickey mouse is all choppy and slow…duck tales felt too easy and fast, not saying the games were bad but it feels like they rushed them or something and i don’t understand why as these are games that the fans wanted! and games that will sell to old hardcore gamers as well as their kids.

New logo,new image style..
A new logo, new image style.

Yesterday a Flashback remake appeared on the store, for those who don’t know Flashback is one of the best games of the early to mid 90s and is still to this day high on the best games of all time lists, i got excited when i saw the title as i thought this game had been cancelled so i fired up the demo as i figured i wouldn’t want to buy more games now that Defiance is killing my free time lol.

Flashback booted up and the more i saw the less interested i got but i had yet to actually try it, intro was loading and it seemed like a good remake there but then the actual hero appeared… my god!, what is that??? is it like a half Uncharted half Mass Effect hybrid mutant thing?…

By now i had decided what i think of the game but i decided to see the gameplay etc.

New look, looks somewhat similar with less soul.
New look, looks somewhat similar with less soul.

Ok, the same level design appeared, looked ok but something was off….it felt wrong, display panning was off and the character moved all strange, had he shit his pants?

This game is by the legend who created Prince Of Persia, Out Of This World/Another World, Flashback, and Heart Of Darkness… WTF man, sure it might look smooth but this ain’t the flashback we know, this is just another game…just like Prince Of Persia PSN remake was (the remake of the Mac/Amiga game).

Another Image of the New game...
Another Image of the New game…

I am sad to say that i was lucky that i didn’t buy this game without testing it, normally i would just have clicked BUY NOW! but not this time, i had a feeling and that feeling was correct, sorry Delphine/Vectorcell but this won’t cut it and that character design…MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and finally, that original version that was included inside this game ain’t a fine piece of a port but i bet it’s miles better than this new game.

The original albeit not the Amiga version.
The original albeit not the Amiga version.
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