Well buy now both Next Gen consoles have landed and if you can get one then I am sure your all enjoying yourself however…. And I know I am not alone on this, were any devs really ready for them.

Xbox Series X has landed and I to have aquired one of them, but as of yet I haven’t even unboxed it. I know it’s a beast of a console and games will be great, but as of today, and with the exception of the patched games, there is absolutely no reason to own this console if you were already in the econ system. A good one X last Gen bundle second hand can be had for 180 – 200 pounds and it plays everything that’s available on xbox at present. I think it was a better option than getting a Series S to be honest and this is why Microsoft were quick to delist it.

PS5 is truly a next Gen system with awesome specs and a fantastic and truly next Gen Joypad. However, with the exception of astrobot and the patched games, we have seen nothing on this system either that warrants a purchase. Granted when a dev patched a game and uses the haptics….wow it’s truly awesome. But nothing really feels next Gen yet. We all know Sony’s first party devs are the best in the business and there will be some truly next Gen games landing soon but as of yet… No.

So this bring me back to my statement above. Was anyone really ready?  And do we need them. Well my honest and straight forward answer is no and no. I can’t understand the chaos and the demand for either of them when truly, nothing is coming till Feb March and even then only a wee trickle of new games. People paying 1000 pounds plus just to play there old games is madness. I would say to anyone who’s desperate for one to just wait and try and pre order one from a reputable supplier, there is honestly no rush. Already scalpers are feeling the pinch with xbox series X prices almost at retail price. And even some PS5s are coming down from the ludicrous amounts asked for. No I recommend you just wait and enjoy what your on and be happy. I bought them both as I managed to pre order them so paid retail prices for both. I will not and never have tried to scalp people for a profit.

Devs are clearly just not ready, be it COVID or new dev tools, lots of games have already slipped and are now later in the year or even next year. And if they rush games out we get the disaster that was Cyberpunk. No I seriously think in 6 months the PS5 and Series X will be great to own, at the moment they just luxuries we could live without.


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5 thoughts on “Next Gen – Was anyone really ready?

  1. I am totally with you on this, mate. As much as I wanted to own my PS5 on Day One, I am really glad I didn’t.
    I am enjoying what I have and, honestly, maybe a break away from games is, sometimes, a godsend.

      1. This is a good thing. Now the login thing has been sorted by tony it’s a lot better, was driving me to despair :)so try and do something with xbox later on too lol.

  2. Demon’s Souls and Astrobot alone is more than enough for me… Anyway i am waiting and as alwsys my backlog is insane soooooo…no rush:)

    1. Demon souls was never my bag although I did platinum Astrobot, but then I loved the way Astrobot played since PSVR. And who couldn’t love them..I’m really not on PS5 and am holding off on some LOU 2 patches etc before I play my fav games again.

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